Are electric log splitters any good? [Splitting the Truth]

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Are electric log splitters any good?

Electric log splitters are great for splitting logs into firewood. But do they work well enough to justify buying one? Are electric log splitters any good?

Logs splitters are expensive to buy and run. They also require a lot of maintenance. And most importantly, they’re not very portable.

That’s where electric log splitters come in handy. With these devices, you can easily split logs into smaller pieces without dragging heavy equipment around.

But how does an electric log splitter compare to traditional wood splitters? In this article, we’ll find out.

Can an Electric Log Splitter Get the Job Done?

Gas log splitters still reign supreme when working with large amounts of wood splitting, but electric ones are catching up. They’re great if you want to save money or don’t mind taking a little more time to split the wood you work with.

There’s nothing wrong with using an electric log splitter. They work fine and are very useful. Electric log splitters are good for splitting logs into smaller pieces. They’re very easy to set up and operate. I would recommend them over other methods.


Gas or Electric Log Splitters The Choice Is Yours

Gas-powered log splitters are great for cutting large logs into smaller pieces, but electric log splitters are usually cheaper and easier to use. If you don’t want to spend much money on one, consider buying an electric model. They’re easy to move around tight spaces and won’t break down like gas ones.

If you want to save money, you might consider buying an electric log splitter over a gas one. While both models offer similar functionality, there are differences between the two.

Electric log splitters are typically less expensive than gas ones, and they tend to be smaller in size. However, electric log splitters do not work well with larger-diameter logs.

man using electric log splitter to split fire wood

Why You Should Choose an Electric Log Splitter

Electric log splitters are great for homeowners looking to split firewood to heat their home or firepits. These devices make it possible to cut firewood into smaller pieces and store it in a way that makes it easier to use.

The one big plus is that you don’t have to use gas or maintain the gas engine.  This means more money in your pocket, instead of paying at the pump or for more maintenance.

One thing to note is that in the past gas powered log splitters outpowered most of the electric log splitters on the mark.  That isn’t the case today, with many electric log splitters having near equal specs to gas-powered models.

Pros Of Electric Log Splitters

Electric log splitters are great for homeowners who want to reduce the time it takes to split wood. These machines make the process quicker and easier. There are many benefits to owning one of these tools. Here are some of the advantages of electric log splitters.

1. Quiet Operation

When you use an electric log splitter, there is no loud engine running which is a pain when you split a large amount of wood.  Also, you can run an electric log splitter at later hours if you happen to need a little extra wood for the fire.

2. Easy To Maintain and Use

You don’t have to worry about oil leaks or gas fumes. You don’t have to change filters or clean anything when you use an electric log splitter. All you do is plug it in and turn it on.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to start the motor in winter.  Starting a gas engine, especially a hand crank one, is a pain in the cold weather.

Since there are no fumes, that means you can split wood inside your garage or wood shed without exposing yourself to carbon monoxide.  Splitting wood out of the elements sounds like a plus to me.

3. Save Money

If you’re tired of spending money on gasoline to run your log splitter, you might consider buying an electric log splitter instead. With an electric log splitter, you’ll be able to save money every month, by not having to buy gas just to split up wood.

You will also save some money with maintenance costs since you will not have to change oil, air or filters, or spark plugs.

What Are The Cons Of Electric Log Splitters

There’s nothing wrong with an electrical log splitter; however, some people find them too not as powerful as gas log splitters, while others don’t like paying extra money for a corded model.

However, you’ll need to check out the pros and cons of each type of unit before making a purchase.

Disadvantages of electric log splitters

Electric log splitters are great because you can use them anywhere there’s power, but they’re not as powerful as gas log splitters.  So they are slightly disadvantaged when trying to split large logs, especially hardwoods.

Another disadvantage which is the primary advantage is that you have to be near an electrical outlet.  The outlet that delivers the near endless power supply is also it the biggest hindrance.

If the logs you want to split are in a remote location, you either have to have a very long extension cord or move the logs closer to your splitter.

Should You Get Your Own Electric Log Splitter

When deciding whether or not to purchase an electric log splitter it helps to know what type of wood you plan to split. Wood types vary depending on where you live.

For example, hardwoods like oak and maple are common in the Northeast, while softwoods like pine and cedar are common in the South. Choosing the right log splitter depends on how much wood you intend to cut down each season.

A gas-powered log splitter works well for cutting large chunks of wood into smaller pieces. However, an electric model will do just fine if you need to split a small amount of wood.

Another thing to remember is where you will split the logs.  If you are splitting the logs near home and an electrical power source, you will be good to go with an electric log splitter.

If you are at a remote campsite or are more than an extension cords length away from a power outlet you might want to look at using a gas-powered model.

It is like the old saying goes choose the right tool for the job.  While I am usually pro all electric power equipment, sometimes they just are the best tool for the job.

yardmax electric log splitter with stand

What To Look For In A Electric Log Splitter for Your Home

Electric log splitters are great because you don’t have to lug around heavy wood. They’re easy to use and relatively inexpensive. But there are some things to consider when buying one. Here’s what you want to look for:

1. Size – How much do you need to cut? If you just need to do small splits, you might be able to find a smaller model. However, larger models tend to be easier to handle.

2. Splitting Power or Force – Is the log splitter powerful enough to split the types of logs I will be splitting?  How many tons of force will the motor and piston be able to produce?

3. Positioning – Can the splitter be mounted vertically or horizontally?  Putting the splitter in multiple positions will help when doing the splitting, possibly eliminating some of the fatigue that goes along with splitting wood.

4. Mobility–  Does the splitter come with wheels or a stand?  How easy is the log splitter to move around?

5. Warranty – You’ll want to know whether the manufacturer offers a warranty.

6. Power source – If you run the log splitter off a generator, can the log splitter be run on a generator?  What type of extension cord is recommended for a log splitter?

7. Extras – Does the model come with extras like different splitting heads, like a 4-way head?  A 4-way splitter will cut your splitting time in half.

Who Would Be the Ideal User For An Electric Log Splitter?

Many types of people use electric log splitters. The electric log splitter is mostly intended for the home consumer.

The individual needs to split a modest amount of wood each year for heating the fireplace or firepits that have become so common in the US today and worldwide.

The prosumer, the other group could use an electric log splitter, which might use a more high-end model with more features and possibly more splitting power.

Are electric log splitters any good? Summing it Up

In conclusion, electric log splitters are a great investment for any homeowner who wants to save time and energy. They allow you to split logs quickly and easily without using a maul.  So yes, electric log splitters are good, and if you need to split some wood at your house, one will make a great addition to your outdoor tools.




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