Are Robot Lawn Mowers Any Good?

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robot lawn mowers any good

Summer and spring bring sunshine and a host of treats – sounds of bees buzzing, fragrant flowers, happy faces of children playing in lawns and lawnmowers whining away. But if lawn mowing is something you would rather not hear and do, then you could consider investing in a robot lawnmower. Yes, you heard it right – you can get a robot to mow the loan for you. And not just any robot – a sleek unit that looks like a remote-controlled car and roams your lawn while you sit on the couch, enjoying hot coffee.

Are robot lawnmowers really worth the money? Are they any good? Some people might wonder if they can trust a robot that resembles a car to trim their lawn to perfection. These automated machines mow in a random pattern, so you can’t expect straight lines from them. But robot lawnmowers still perform pretty well. Being fully automatic, they are a boon for elderly gardeners or those who are too busy to mow their lawns. They are also compact and emission-free, which makes them environment-friendly.

How does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?

Once you set up a robot lawnmower, it will work autonomously. This means that you don’t have to switch it on or keep an eye on it. The mower will start cutting the grass on a time scheduled by you and get back to its dock to recharge its battery for the next mow.

A robot mower creates a map of your lawn, ensuring that it doesn’t go over the edges into the borders. It cuts in a random pattern, which may make it seem like your mower has lost control, but it won’t stop until it has completely cut every square inch of the lawn. The downside to the random cutting of the robot lawnmower is that you will not get a stripped lawn.

Most robot lawnmowers have sensors so they can detect any obstacle in front of them. If they encounter an obstacle, they will change their course so it is best to remove any obstacles from the lawn. There is no need to empty these mowers because they don’t collect the cuttings. Rather, they leave them on the lawn as mulch to promote healthy grass growth.

Robot lawnmowers are kept from roaming off by an electric loop boundary wire planted around the edges of the lawn. You can install this wired system yourself or arrange a specialist to complete the installation. A good installation is imperative for trouble-free performance so it’s best to hire an expert instead of going DIY.

Why Robot Lawn Mowers are a Viable Investment?

A basic robot lawnmower starts at around $650, but most models come with a hefty price tag – over four figures. This is perhaps the reason why these mowers aren’t as popular as conventional ones.

While there certainly is a big initial investment, a robot lawnmower will allow you to save a few bucks in operating costs every year. If you have been paying landscapers to keep your lawn in good shape, you will realize significant savings in a few years. On the other hand, if you have been mowing your lawn yourself, you would love to get rid of this weekly chore.

The safety features of robot lawnmowers surpass conventional mowers. These mowers use smaller blades to cut grass. There isn’t any user interaction with these blades while they are in operation. Not only that but since robot lawnmowers sport tilt and lift sensors, the blades instantly shut down if the mower is lifted while in use. The safety record for regular lawnmowers is horrendous – each year across the U.S., 6,394 people sustain serious injuries in lawnmower accidents.

Robot lawnmowers are great at keeping your lawn looking like an emerald carpet. This is because they can be programmed to regularly cut your grass. They only cut a small length of grass each time and as mentioned previously, the clippings aren’t collected but rather stay on the lawn as mulch, promoting the growth of healthier and green grass.

One important thing to note about these autonomous mowers is that they aren’t designed to cut through tall grass so you will have to use them regularly so that the grass doesn’t get out of control. Otherwise, you will have to borrow your neighbor’s conventional lawnmower to cut tall grass before you can unleash your robotic mower again.

What to Consider When You Are Buying a Robot Lawn Mower?

When you are buying a robot lawnmower, there are a few important things to consider. These include:

  • size of your lawn
  • the battery life of the mower
  • pivoting or fixed blades
  • whether you have slopes in your lawn or not
  • whether or not you need a lawnmower that is capable of handling multiple cutting zones

Who Makes Robot Lawn Mowers?

Robot lawnmowers are produced by several of the same manufactures of traditional or battery operated lawnmowers. Below are some manufactures of robot lawn mowers

  • Husqvarna
  • Worx
  • Robomow
  • McCulloch
  • Gardena

Final Thoughts

Keeping your lawn healthy and green can be a lot of hard work. A robot lawn mower can do the work for you; round the clock, without any supervision. It can trim your lawn day and night to keep it looking at its best. So we believe that a robot lawnmower is a viable investment; one that you wouldn’t regret making.

Have you ever used a robot lawnmower or are you still stuck with a conventional battery operated lawn mower? Tell us and do share your experience with a robot lawnmower if you are currently using one or have used it in the past.

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