Battery Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers: A Cut Above the Rest

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

Battery Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers from RYOBI, EGO, Greenworks, and Cub Cadet

There are many different types of zero turn mowers on the market today.  Everyone is aware of the gas models that commercial landscapers and homeowners have used for many years. Let’s take a look at the many different kinds of battery powered zero turn riding lawn mowers.

Did you know that there are quite a few battery powered zero turn riding lawn mowers on the market today?  There are mowers from RYOBI, EGO, Cub Cadet, John Deere, DR Power, Toro and Greenworks.  There are even some commercial models available from Gravley and Greenworks PRO.

This article will discuss the different types of zero turn mowers on the market today and give you my recommendations on owning a battery-powered zero turn mower based on my own personal experiences.

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Gas Vs Electric Zero Turn Mowers

So here is the big question, right?  Do you choose a gas or electric zero turn mower?

Electric Zero Turn Mowers

Well, that all depends on how large of lawn do you have to cut.  If you are cutting less than 3.5 acres, then a residential battery powered zero turn mower will work for you.  The average battery powered zero turn mower cuts around 2 – 2.5 acres of grass.

Most consumer model battery powered zero turn mowers have 42-inch cutting decks.  There are some larger models with 54-inch decks as well.

If you are cutting more than 3.5 acres, you really want an electric zero turn mower and have some deep pockets, then the mowers from Gravely and GreenWorks PRO can cut up to 14 acres or more.

Commercial electric zero turn mowers come in larger cutting deck sizes up to 60-inches.

You will have to pay for that extra runtime and cutting deck size; these “commercial” or “prosumer” mowers are expensive.

Gas Zero Turn Mowers

I am not going to spend a lot of time on the gas end of zero turn mowers.  They have been around for decades and are well-proven reliable machines for both the commercial and home user.

They have a wide range of cutting deck sizes from 36-inches up to 72-inches.  They are powered by gas engines with up to 30 + horsepower for the larger commercial models.

Gas zero turn mowers are made by a wide range of manufactures and are pretty much available at any hardware store or home improvement center.  They get the job done, which is why they are used by commercial landscapers all over the United States and the world.

That being said, electric or battery powered zero turn mowers are starting to show up more and more in commercial environments, just like they have homes and neighborhoods all over the country.

Are electric zero turn mowers better than gas zero turn mowers?

I am a little bias here, and I am going to say yes.  I am biased because I have owned a RYOBI battery powered zero turn mower for over two years, and I love it.

I have put over 126 hours on this mower, cutting grass around my suburban home.  I have a decent-sized yard with over 2.5 acres of grass to cut, and the mower has performed great.

I really like this mower for a few reasons, and these are why, in my opinion, battery powered zero turn mowers are better than gas zero turn mowers.

  • lower noise levels when operating
  • little to no maintenance (except for blades and battery charging)
  • no harmful emissions
  • no storage and stabilization of fuel
  • no or little vibration – if you are on a mower for long periods of time, then you know what a blessing this is
  • equivalent power and cutting capability to gas mowers

Those are just a few reasons I think electric or battery powered zero turn mowers are better than gas zero turn mowers.

Another thing you might consider might be the value of a battery powered zero turn mower.

Are electric zero turn mowers worth it?

In general, zero turn mowers are great at a few things.  They are quick, and they are nimble.  Those two things save us folks mowing the lawn time.  Having extra time to spend doing a hobby or being with your family is worth the price of admission.

Electric or battery powered zero turn mowers kick that up a notch by providing a few valuable benefits on top of your time savings, making the mowers affordable and reliable.


Like all electric or battery powered mowers, battery powered zero turn mowers require very little maintenance.  These mowers require annual blade changes and battery maintenance.

Keeping the batteries charged and working properly is pretty much it.  Different types of batteries call for different types of maintenance to make sure the batteries last and maintain their peak performance. Consult your user manual for more specific information on taking care of the batteries in your mower.

Gas mowers require oil changes, air filters, oil filters, and new spark plugs.  Those maintenance items are extra costs you don’t incur if you have a battery powered zero turn mower.

Fuel and Fuel Costs

So with electric or battery powered lawn mowers, you don’t have traditional fuel costs.  You don’t have to go to the gas station and buy fuel to power the mower.

What you do have to do is pay your power bill so that you can charge your batteries.  Electricity rates are usually much lower than what you will pay for a gallon of gas.  I haven’t bought gas for a lawn mower in two years, and I love not having to do that.

I also don’t have to store fuel to power a gas lawn mower. That is another plus in my book.  If you don’t constantly run through your gas supply, you could end up with bad gas.  To keep gas from going bad, you have to use a fuel stabilizer.  All of that is a hassle and a cost that I don’t have to deal with anymore.


Here is where the playing field is leveled between a battery powered zero turn and a gas zero turn mower.  Battery powered zero turn mowers are not cheap.

The average 42-inch battery powered zero turn mower costs between $4000 – $5000.  That seems like a lot of money, and it is.  You can get similarly sized gas mowers for around the same price or cheaper in some cases.

Keep in mind that the initial cost is high for a battery-powered mower, but the ongoing costs are pretty low.


What’s new in Zero Turn Electric Turn Mowers

Zero turn electric riding mowers have been around for a few years.  During this time, the mowers have been powered by lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.  Both the lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries have been nonremovable in the older battery powered zero turn mowers.

Also, older models had stamped cutting decks.  Some new models have fabricated steel decks like you might see on a high-end prosumer or commercial gas zero turn mower.

Removable Lithium-Ion Batteries

When RYOBI and Cub Cadet introduced their respective zero turn mowers in 2019,  they were very similar in specifications, except for the type of battery each manufacturer choose for a power source.  Cub Cadet went with a lithium-ion battery, and RYOBI went with sealed lead-acid batteries.

Both batteries get the job done, but they aren’t removable.  EGO and Greenworks Pro introduced two new zero turn mowers last year that have removable lithium-ion batteries that also power other tools in their respective battery powered outdoor power tool lines.

As of early 2022, Ryobi has also entered the removable battery zero turn mower game.  The new line of RYOBI zero turns features 80V removable battery packs along with 40V compatibility with older 40V batteries used in RYOBI’s other outside power tools.

Therein lies the best new feature of the recently introduced zero turn mowers.  You can add more battery capacity by switching in new freshly charged batteries if you have more cutting to do.

With older battery-powered zero turn riding mowers as I have, you have to recharge and wait once the battery gets weak.  While not a deal-breaker for me, it has become inconvenient at times.

Cutting Decks, Battery Management, and Connectivity

Recently introduced RYOBI mowers have larger 54-inch fabricated steel decks, which is a step above the stamped cutting decks of other manufacturers. The commercial models from Greenworks and Gravely have fabricated decks as well.

EGO has made great strides in battery management with multiple cutting and driving modes, which help reduce or maximize battery life.

Most of the new mowers introduced in the last few years have come with USB ports for charging a phone.  Newer models from EGO and Greenworks are coming with Bluetooth and GPS connectivity to help manage mower operation and runtimes.


Battery powered zero turn riding lawn mower brands

Currently, there are just a handful of lawn mower manufacturers making battery or electric zero turn lawn mowers.

  • EGO
  • Greenworks Pro
  • Cub Cadet
  • John Deere

We are going to take a look at a few of the models available for 2023.


RYOBI currently has three battery powered zero turn models on the market.  Each of these mowers has multiple drive modes (fast and slow) and multiple cutting modes (fast and slow).  Each mower has one handle cutting deck height adjustment to tune in your perfect cut.

They all have multiple cup holders and USB ports for charging your phone during use.  These RYOBI mowers also have led headlights for cutting in low light. They all include a rear tow hitch as well.  Here is a breakdown of the three current models:


RY48140 54″ 115 Ah Zero Turn electric riding mower

ryobi 54 inch 48 volt zero turn mower

The RY48140 54-inch mower is the new kid on the block.  It has longer runtime of up to 3.5 acres on a single battery charge and a larger cutting deck than the other two RYOBI models.

This mower has 5 separate brushless motors.  Two of which power the back two wheels, and the other 3 are for the lawn mower blades.

This mower is the cream of the crop in the RYOBI zero turn lawn mower family and makes improvements in almost every feature compared to the RY48ZTR100.


RY48ZTR100 42″ 100 Ah Zero Turn electric riding mower


I personally own the RY48ZTR100.  It has a 42-inch deck and has a runtime of around 2.5 acres.  It could easily handle the 2.5 acres with no issue and with limited battery drain when it was brand new.  After 126 hours of use, the runtime has diminished some, so I am using up most of the battery to cut my yard these days.

This mower has 4 separate brushless motors, two for each drive wheel and two for the lawn mower blades. From personal experience, this mower is quick and has instant torque to get you through your cutting session quickly.

RY48ZTR75 42″ 75 Ah Zero Turn electric riding mower 


The RY48ZTR75 is basically the same spec-wise as the 100Ah above.  The only real big difference in the size of the battery is a 75 Ah battery.  You will get a slightly shorter run time of 2.25 acres,  but you still have the same cutting width and amount of brushless motors used in the RY48ZTR100.

RYOBI 80V HP Mowers

These mowers were just announced in early 2022.  They haven’t been released to the public as of yet, for resale but they boast some pretty cool new technology.  Removable 80V battery packs, 40V backward compatibility for extended runtime.  They come in cutting decks from 38 inches to 54 inches.  These electric zero turn mowers also feature a joystick control which is unique in the battery powered zero turn market.

RYRM8034 80V 54″ Lithium Electric Zero Turn Riding Mower

ryobi 80v 54 inch batter powered zero turn mower

The RYRM8034 is the largest of the 80V mowers from RYOBI.  It is the flag ship model in the 80V zero turn mower lineup.  This mower has a 54″ fabricated cutting deck, and can cut up to 4 acres per charge.

This mower has five brushless motors and six crosscut blades, giving plenty of power and cutting capability. The mower has the capacity to run on three 80V 10 Ah batteries and four 40V 12 Ah batteries.  That is a lot of battery capacity,

This mower had 12 height adjustments with a cutting height between 1.5″ – 4.5″.   It also has a soft suspension seat and armrests to make those cutting duties much more comfortable.


RYRM8021 80V 42″ Lithium Electric Zero Turn Riding Mower

ryobi 80v 42 inch battery powered zero turn mower

This mower is very similar to the 54″ mower, but it does have some slight differences.  The 42″ crosscut capable deck, is stamped rather than fabricated like the 54″ model.

The RYRM8021, has the ability to cut 3 acres of grass with its 4 brushless motors.  The zero turn mower has the capacity to run on two 80v 10Ah batteries as well as two 40v 12Ah batteries,

It also has a suspension seat and with 12 cutting height adjustments ranging from 1.5″ -4.5″.  This is a great mower if you don’t need the wide cutting range of the 54″ mower.


RYMRM8010 80V 30″ Lithium Electric Zero Turn Riding Mower

ryobi 80v 30 inch battery powered zero turn mower


The RYMRM8010 is the baby of the 80v RYOBI zero turn mowers.  This mower has a 30″ stamped cutting deck. This mower has the capacity to run on two 80v 10Ah batteries.

This mower can cut approximately 1 acre per charge, but it can also get into tight places where the larger 42″ and 54″ mowers can not.  This mower should be able to fit through most 36″ wide gate openings to allow access to cut areas where previously you could only use a push mower.

This mower has the same 12 height cutting adjustments as the other two mowers and can cut between 1.5″ – 4.5″.  This mower doesn’t have the larger mowers’ suspension seat or crosscut capability.


EGO just recently introduced the Power+ 42-inch Z6 zero turn riding mower.  It has been well received because of its replaceable/swappable batteries, long runtimes, and high-end feature set.

EGO Power+ Z6 ZT4204L Zero Turn Riding Mower

ego power plus z6 42-inch zero turn mower

This mower has all the bells and whistles.  The Z6 has a suspension seat, making those long cutting sessions easy on the back. In front of the seat on the floorboard is a charge meter so you can keep your eyes on the cutting ahead instead of looking down at the control panel.

It also has a fully customizable LCD interface where you can choose from one of the three drive modes: Standard, Control, and Sport.

The Z6 comes with blue tooth connectivity, so your phone can be a key for the mower. It also will monitor battery status via your smartphone.

Adjustability is the name of the game with the Z6, and it has 10 cutting height settings to dial in the best cutting height for your yard.

The Power+ 42-Inch Z6 zero turn riding mower has four 10Ah 56-volt batteries.  These can be expanded to six 56-volt batteries, extending your cutting runtime.  These 56-volt batteries also run on any EGO outdoor power tool.

Adding more batteries is a game-changer since you can cut for as long as possible if you have enough batteries to keep powering the Z6. The mower is rated at cutting 2 acres with the included 4 10Ah batteries.

EGO Power+ Z6 ZT5204L Zero Turn Riding Mower

EGO has stepped up the game again by adding another option to its battery-powered zero turn lineup in 2022.  The new Power+ 52” Z6 Zero Turn riding mower

ego 52 zero turn lawn mower


The Power + 52″ mower can combine up to 6 EGO 56V ARC lithium-ion batteries.   The deck is a 10-gauge fabricated steel deck that should last through years of tough service. This deck is multi-functional with mulching, bagging, and side discharge capability.

The mower can reach speeds of 8MPH and cut up to 4 acres on a single charge, including 12 Ah batteries.  4 acres is a game changer for residential electric mowers.  It will be interesting to see how this mower’s performance compares to the RYOBI 52-inch mower, which came out in late 2021.


EGO Power+ Z6 ZT42055 Zero Turn Riding Mower

ego z6 42 inch esteer battery powered zero turn mower

If you are not a fan of traditional zero turn controls, then the ZT42055 is your mower.  This not-yet-released zero turn has a unique steering wheel, e-STEER controls that set it apart from the other battery powered zero turns in this post.

The mower controls, including the ability to reverse, are moved into the center of the steering wheel to allow for easy visibility of mower functions.

Regarding specs, this is very similar to EGO’s other 42″ zero turn mowers.  This mower will cut around 2.5 acres on a single charge with the included four 56v 12Ah ARC batteries.

Greenworks Pro

Greenworks has been in the electric zero turn market for quite a while with their commercial models.  Recently, Greenworks introduced the Greenworks Pro line, which is more of a prosumer line of products that included string trimmers, blowers, and lawn mowers.


PRO 80V 42″ Cordless Battery CrossoverZ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

greenworks 80v 42-inch zero turn mower

This zero turn mower has an impressive list of features that make this a desirable model for cutting lawns. This model is squarely in the prosumer mark and should handle any lawn cutting tasks for residential users.

The 7411302 is run by six 5Ah 80-Volt batteries with the mower. These 80-volt batteries can also be used with any Greenworks Pro line of handheld outdoor power tools. This makes it really a great deal. So essentially, you have six batteries you can use in any other Greenworks Pro tool.

Four brushless motors power this battery powered zero turn mower. There are two motors for the drive wheels and two direct motors for the cutting blades.

This more has plenty of adjustability with cutting heights as well. With adjustment between 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. The cutting deck is 42-inches wide and has a stamped deck, so not quite as high-end as the RYOBI deck.

The Pro 80v mower can cut around 2 acres with the six 6Ah batteries. To me, this seems a little conservative with the large amount of battery power on this mower.

One unique feature of the Greenworks Pro mower is the front hitch that allows implements to connect to the mower. The mower also has a small rear cargo compartment with a 200 lb capacity.

The mower also has unique Greenshield theft protection built in, to keep the mower from walking off, when you aren’t at home.

Pro 60V 42″ Cordless Battery CrossoverZ Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

Greenworks also has a 60V model that might be more your speed if you use there 60V line of tools.  This model has many of the same features of the 80V model, but uses the smaller 60V line of batteries.

green works 60v battery powered zero turn lawn mower


Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet has been making riding lawn mowers for many years, and they were one of the few large manufacturers that jumped into the electric lawn mower business from early on.  The XTI LT42E riding lawn mower was one of the first electric mowers introduced into the market.  Cub Cadet put out an electric zero turn at the same time RYOBI put out their first mower.

ZT1 42E Ultima Series ZT

cub cadet 42-inch ultima zero turn mower

The ZT1 42E is similar in many aspects to the RYOBI RY48ZTR75.  It has a fixed battery and can mow around 2 acres.  The big difference with this mower is that Cub Cadet went with a lithium-ion battery instead of a lead-acid battery.

By going with the larger single lithium-ion battery, they have true fade-free performance all the way to the end of the battery charge.  The battery also charges relatively quickly, coming in around 4 hrs to full charge.

Two direct drive brushless motors power the 42-inch cutting deck.  Two other brushless mowers power the zero turn drive wheels.

The ZT1 42E has two cutting modes (eco and standard) and two drive modes (low speed and standard), both of which can extend the runtime of the mower.

This mower has the most adjustable cutting height of any of these electric zero turn mowers.  It has 15 half-inch adjustments.  That is a lot of adjustability.

USB ports are also included in the ZT1 42E to charge small handheld devices like your smartphone.

The one thing I have noticed about this mower is that it is hard to find.  Occasionally, I will see this mower available at my local HomeDepot, but that is rare, so it may be harder to locate if you are looking for this model in particular.


John Deere

John Deere, the storied tractor and gas powered lawn mower manufactured as of 2023 has entered the realm of battery powered zero turn mowers.  This is actually big news as the manufacture is one of the last of the big mower builders to jump into the battery powered mower scene.

The Z370R is a 42 inch battery powered zero turn, that, as of this update, is only available for presell.

Z370R ElectricZTrak  Mower

john deere battery powered zero turn mower

The Z370R is one of the newest battery powered mowers on the zero turn scene and boasts some pretty innovative features which will make it a contender in the battery powered zero turn market.  Not to mention the John Deere name carries some heavy weight, not to mention a long history of making quality mowers and tractors.

This mower can handle an impressive 2 acres per charge from the 52v sealed lithium ion battery.  The 3.2 kWh battery has an IP66 rating allowing the mower to operate in damp conditions.

We all know that a rain shower can ruin a day of mowing the grass. The sealed battery is also protected from the elements shielding it from dust and debris. The battery also has a massive 5-year battery warranty, which is almost unheard of for residential battery powered lawn mowers.

The Z370R has a 42 inch cutting deck, which is pretty much the standard now for homeowner-style battery-powered zero-turn mowers.  This deck features the John Deere exclusive Accel Deep mower deck that allows for a quality cut and faster cutting speeds. There are also adjustable gauge wheels to keep you from scalping your yard.

One interesting feature of the Z370R is the charger.  Unlike many of the other mowers, this mower charges straight from a 120v outlet, with the provided John Deere green extension cord. No special chargers are required. The charger is built into the mower.

The mower is pretty quick as well, boasting a 7mph forward speed.  The ride will be plenty comfortable in the high-back yellow seat with armrests.

Once you run out of power, there is a “go home mode” which disables the blades and has just enough power to get the mower back to the charging cable.

The mower features some great comfort features as well, such as led lighting, a covered charging port for your phone, cupholders, and the ability to sync with the MowerPlus app.

The MowerPlus app will keep track of your hours of usage, as well as battery charge, and even your cutting path and length.  I actually use a version of this app with my personal Ryobi zero turn so that I can see how much runtime and cutting area I am getting per charge.  It is really handy.

One thing that you don’t necessarily get with other manufacturers is the multitude of options or accessories for the mowers.  John Deere has changed the game with this mower, they are offering many compatible attachments, like pull carts, mulching kits, boarding steps, and a sun canopy to name a few.

I look forward to seeing how this mower is treated form the outdoor power community.  I think John Deere has a winner on its hands with this battery powered zero turn mower.




Wrapping it up: Battery Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Battery powered zero turn mowers have come of age.  These mowers can easily complete with gas-powered zero turn mowers in the same $4000-$5000 price range.  They all have many great features, without a lot of issues gas-powered zero turns have.

With newer models coming with larger and larger battery capacities and some models coming with removable batteries, I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t consider an electric zero turn mower for their next zero turn mower.  I think the time is now for the homeowner looking to move to an electric and zero turn mower.