Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Under $300

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best cordless electric lawn mower under $300

So you are in the market for an electric lawn mower, and have decided you might want to go the route of a battery or cordless electric lawn mower.  You want cordless but don’t want to spend a ton of money, so let’s find the best cordless electric lawn mower under $300.

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Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Under $300

Below are some of the best cordless electric lawn mowers you can buy in the under $300 price range.

Model ImageModel NameDescriptionBuying Options
greenworks 40v 16 inch electric battery powered lawn mowerGreenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn MowerPowerful 40V cordless lawn mower with 16 inch cutting width, multiple height adjustment, and mulching/bagging capabilityGet It Now
worx 17 inch 40v lawn mowerWorx WG744 17-inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower40V lawnmower with large 17-inch cutting width, multiple height adjustment, and mulching/bagging capabilityGet It Now
ryobi 40 brushless lawn mower with battery and chargerRYOBI 20 in. 40-Volt Brushless Cordless Lawn MowerComparison leading 20-inch cutting width, multiple height adjustment, and side-discharge/mulching/bagging capabilityGet It Now
sun joe battery powered electric lawn mowerSun Joe iON16LM 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Battery MowerPowerful brushless powered 16-inch cutting width, multiple height adjustment, and bagging/side-discharge capabilityGet It Now
black and decker 40v electric lawn mowerBLACK+DECKER 40-volt Lithium-Ion 16-in Cordless Electric Lawn MowerLightweight 40v cordless lawn mower with 16-inch cutting width, multiple height adjustment, and mulching/bagging capabilityGet It Now


Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 25322

greenworks 40v 16 mower

Greenworks make a wide variety of great battery powered lawn mowers.  The 16 inch 40v 25322 has powerful 40v battery that can be used in other Greenworks outdoor power tools.  This mower also has an adjustable cutting height and has options to bag or mulch your clippings.

  • 40V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery  includes 1-4Ah Battery and Charger
  • Single lever 5-position height adjustment offers cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch 
  • 2-in-1 feature offers rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple uses. 
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • 6-inch front wheel and 7-inch rear wheel for easy maneuvering 

What we Liked

  • Battery compatibility with other Greenworks tools
  • Levels of height adjustment

What we Disliked

  • No side grass discharge
  • Bagging capacity is small


Worx WG743 17-inch 40V (4.0Ah) Cordless Lawn Mower, 2 Batteries, and Charger Included

worx 17 inch 40v lawn mower


The Worx WG743 is a great 17 inch 40V powered lawn mower that can get your lawn mowing duties handled easily.  It comes with 2 20V batteries instead of a single 40v battery.  The mower can either be used to mulch, bag, or discharge your grass clippings giving you many options when maintaining your lawn.

  • 17-inch cutting deck
  • 2 removable 20V 4.0Ah batteries 
  • Patented intellicut provides additional torque on demand and the ability to conserve battery when desired.
  • Premium 2-in-1 design feature that mulches, bags, and rear discharges
  • includes a quick single lever cutting height adjustment.
  • Cuts up to 1/8 Acre per charge
  • dual Port charger can charge two batteries at once

What we Liked

  • Larger 17-inch cutting deck
  • Intellicut system help conserve battery

What we Disliked

  • Dual batteries you have to use both to get full power
  • Battery runtime was short

RYOBI 20 in. 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower 6.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included

ryobi push lawn mowers ry401110

The RYOBI 20 inch mower is the largest in this comparison and is powered by a powerful 40V battery.  This mower has all the bell and whistles even coming with a head light for those cutting sessions that might take you into the setting sun.  The 40V battery included with this mower will work with all of RYOBI’s other 40v powered lawn equipment.

  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Includes 40-Volt 5.0Ah high-capacity battery for extended run time
  • 7-position, single-point height adjustment from 1.5 in. to 4 in.
  • 2-in-1 mulching and bagging feature
  •  push-button start
  • High-intensity LED headlights
  • Carrying handles for user convenience
  • On-board battery compartment for additional battery
  • Foldable quick-release handle for compact storage
  • Up to 40-minutes of runtime with provided battery and 3.5-hours charge time

What we Liked

  • Larger cutting width
  • Included high capacity 5.0Ah battery for plenty of power

What we Disliked

  • Too much plastic, not enough metal
  • Bagging performance wasn’t great

Sun Joe iON16LM 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Battery Mower with Brushless Motor – 4.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included

sun joe push lawn mowers ion16lm

The Sun Joe iON16LM is a great 40V cordless mower with a long 40 minute runtime.  This model has a larger 16 inch cutting with bagging and mulching capabilities.  The mower has multiple height adjustments to help you dial in the perfect cutting height for your lawn.

  • 40-Volt 4.0 Ah EcoSharp rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • A compact design ideal for small to mid-sized lawns
  • 6-position height adjustment lever with cutting height from 1.18 in. to 3.15 in.
  • Provides up to 40 minutes of runtime
  • 2 in 1 mulching and bagging feature

What we Liked

  • Battery cross-compatibility with other SunJoe/SnowJoe products
  • Good runtime

What we Disliked

  • Height adjustment a little short for cool-season grass or if you like your lawn a little taller
  • Small bagging capacity

BLACK+DECKER 40-volt Lithium-Ion 16-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower (Batteries Included)

blackandecker 40v mower

Black and Decker have a long history of making quality power tools used by the home consumer, and this 40V 16-inch mower is just another great tool in the long line of quality tools.  This model has multiple cutting height adjustments and even comes with a carrying handle when you are done mowing for the day.

  • 40 V MAX lithium-ion battery with 2 x 2.0 Ah for up to 30 minutes of run time
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • Single lever height adjustment for the cut of 1-1/5-in to 3-1/5-inches.
  • Folding handles for easy and convenient storage
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to lift and carry
  • The foldable handle offers easy, space-saving storage, perfect for sheds and smaller spaces
  • Includes 9.5-gal nylon grass bag to collect clippings, and features a hardtop, so you can easily check when it’s full

What we Liked

  • Light and compact
  • Easy to maneuver in a small yard

What we Disliked

  • Runtime was short
  • Bagging performance

Why choose an Electric Lawn Mower for your yard?

Electric lawn mowers require little maintenance, are quiet, and lightweight.  For cordless or battery powered electric lawn mowers, which we will be looking at today, you pretty much just have to keep the battery charged and sharpen or replace mower blades.

Cordless or battery powered lawn mowers are very light and are easy to push, but also have the power to get the mowing done.

Also, electricity rates are generally much cheaper than the price you will pay for gas. So you could possibly save a little money in the process.

Electric Mowers are Better than Gas Mowers

Cordless electric lawn mowers are better than gas mowers for a few reasons:

  • Zero emissions, which is much better for the environment
  • Electric mowers are much quieter, which means cutting the grass early or late in the day is a possibility
  • No gas, oil, air filters, or spark plugs to buy or maintain.
  • Little or no maintenance, besides charging batteries and sharpening or replacing mower blades.
  • Push button start, no more recoil starters

I actually completely switched to electric powered outdoor lawn equipment recently, and I am happy I made the decision.

What about a Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Battery powered electric lawn mowers are more expensive due to the price of the batteries it requires to run the lawn mower, than a comparable size corded mower. However, battery powered lawn mowers will allow some benefits over their corded counterparts.

The benefit of being cordless allows you to cut your lawn and not be tied to the nearest electrical outlet.  There are quite a few cordless electric mowers in the $300 price range from many manufacturers.

What are the disadvantages of a cordless electric lawn mower?

There are two major disadvantages to cordless electric lawn mowers.

  • Expensive batteries.  Batteries can be expensive if they go bad.  Lithium-ion batteries have come a long way in the last 5 years, so their reliability has increased, but the cost of a 40v battery can be as much as $150, which is half the price of the mower.
  • Runtime.  While the newer 40v, 50v, and 60v Lithium-ion batteries are strong and powerful, they do have a shorter runtime.  With most 40v batteries cutting average grass, you will get a 40-minute runtime on a single charge. Also, time to charge up a spent battery can take several hours.

What to expect when using a smaller cordless electric mower under $300?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a smaller cordless electric lawn mower like the ones that are included in this comparison.

  • Cutting widths are smaller, so will only want to cut small to medium-sized lawns with these mowers.
  • The bagging capacity for grass clippings isn’t very large, these are smaller mowers
  • There are no side discharge mowers in this price range
  • All of the mower decks will be plastic or composite, you won’t find a steel deck in this price range.
  • They are lightweight and very maneuverable
  • They are compact and easily stored in a garage or closet.
  • Grass cutting ability is on par with a  gas engine in this price range

If you need or want a mower that has a larger cutting width, more power, side discharge, or better bagging performance you might want to check out these mowers.

What are the features you are looking for in a cordless electric lawn mower under $300

Here are a few of the major features you should be looking for in a cordless lawn mower in the $300 price range.

  • Lithium-ion batteries in the 18v – 60v range, with 40v currently being the normal battery size
  • 16-inch – 20-inch cutting width
  • mulching and bagging capabilities for grass clippings depending on the model
  • multiple position height adjustment
  • battery and charger should be included

It is hard to believe you can get all these features at such an inexpensive price range.

What’s the best cordless electric mower under $300?

Well, you can’t make a bad decision with any of the mowers listed in this post.  Each lawn mower can easily cut grass in small yards with the included battery or batteries.  These mowers can take care of your lawn mowing needs.  If I had to pick one lawn mower I would choose the Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 25322.

Any of these mowers can do it without using gas, without a lot of costly maintenance, and without breaking the bank. If you need a new lawn mower and don’t have or want to spend over $300, check out the mowers above, and give a cordless electric powered corded lawn mower a chance I don’t think you will be disappointed. Get out there and cut some grass!


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