Best String Trimmer Attachments: Making Your String Trimmer More Useful

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

best string trimmer attachments

String trimmers are a great tool to have in your outdoor tool collection, but string trimmers that also can double as a leaf blower, edger, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, or cultivator are even better. You might be wondering what are the best string trimmer attachments.

We are going to take a look at some of the best universal attachments for string trimmers that can make your attachment capable string trimmer the swiss army knife of outdoor power equipment.  These are string trimmer attachments that aren’t manufactured dependent, so they will work on many different trimmers and powerheads

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String Trimmer Attachments

Here is a list of some of the best types of universal string trimmer attachments.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blower attachments are a great addition to any string trimmer, that is attachment capable.  With a leaf blower attachment, you have the ability to turn your string trimmer into a full fledged leaf blower.  While this is convenient it also keeps you from having to buy a dedicated backpack or hand held blower.

These blowers use a driveshaft of the string trimmer to turn a blower motor, that can reach speeds around 150 MPH.  Which is plenty powerful enough to handle most leaf blowing needs.

TrimmerPlus CB720 High Performance Blower Attachment

TrimmerPlus CB720 High Performance Blower Attachment with Concentrator for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads

This blower attachment fits a wide range of string trimmers from Craftsman, RYOBI, Snapper, Greenworks, and Troy-Bilt to name a few.

It features up to 500 CFM of air volume which will help move those leaves around easily.  The included air concentrator will get those leaves moving in the direction you want them to.


Edgers are the most often purchased attachment for string trimmers.  These attachments let you cut a defined edge on your lawn, landscape, or garden beds.  They usually consist of a metal cutting blade with guide wheels. The blades a usually rectangle shaped and excel at cutting through grass and soil.

They make the task of cutting clean edges much easier.  While you can edge with a string trimmer, it is a little more difficult than with an edger attachment.

TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual Edger Attachment

TrimmerPlus TPE720 Dual Edger Attachment for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads

This edger attachment has all the bells and whistles.  It includes a dual steel blades for easy cutting of landscape beds, sidewalks, and curbs.

Large guide wheels will keep heading in the correct path and for added control. Fits a wide range of string trimmers from RYOBI, Troy-Bilt, Greenworks, and Snapper.

Hedge Trimmers

Adding a hedge trimmer attachment head, it a great way to get more out of your string trimmer.  The hedge trimmer attachments are very similar to the hand held hedge trimmers that you would use normally for cleaning up the shrubs and hedges in your yard.

They have the dual cutting blades and come in two different styles either articulating or straight shafted. Articulating models allow you to change the angle of the cutting head so you can reach different angles for special cutting.

One benefit of having a hedge trimmer attachment is that you get some extended reach that you don’t get with a standard hedge trimmer.  This will allow you to reach higher shrubs , keeping you safely on the ground without climbing a ladder.

TrimmerPlus AH721 22-Inch Dual Hedger Attachment

TrimmerPlus TPH720 22-Inch Dual Hedger Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads-Snaps to Gas Outdoor Lawn Care Power Equipment, Black and Red

The adjustable universal hedge trimmer attachment is great for getting just the right angle to make sure those hedges look as sharp and neat as possible.

The hedge trimmer features dual 22-inch blades with an articulating head with 135-degrees of adjustability.  Since it is a universal attachment it fits a wide range of string trimmers from Snapper, Yard Machines, Kobalt, and RYOBI.

Brush Cutters

Does your landscape have some overgrown areas that need to be cut back and maintained, a brush cutter attachment would be a great attachment for you string trimmer of powerhead.  Brush cutters make short work of tall grass, woody stem weeds, and small tree sapplings.

Brush cutters have large metal blades, that spin similarly to the normal string trimmer.  They make a great addition to your attachment collection.

Trimmer Plus TPB720 Brushcutter

Trimmer Plus TPB720 Brushcutter with J-Handle for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads, Black, Red

Brush cutters are heavy duty trimming attachments that can power through the thickest of weeds.  This brush cutter features a 4 tip steel blade and straight shaft for trimming under branches and trees.

An included J-Bar helps stabilize the brush cutter and adds a little extra leverage when cutting thicker materials.  This attachment is also available for many manufactures, but make sure your trimmer can handle this attachment because they do require a little more power to operate.

Pole saws

If you are in need to trimming some tree limbs on your property then adding a pole saw attachment is a no brainer.  Pole saws are basically small chainsaws that are attached to extension poles.  They are great for pruning tree limbs, cutting shrubs, and even cutting up downed limbs.

Pole saws allow the operators to safely cut limbs from the ground and off of ladders where accidents often occur when operating chainsaws.  Pole saws attachments can easily reach around 12 feet with a single extension.

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Polesaw with Bar and Chain Attachment

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8" Polesaw with Bar and Chain Attachment for Attachment Capable String Trimmers, Polesaws, and Powerheads

This pole saw attachment will help you clean up to those limbs that are just a little out of reach from the ground.  With it’s 8-inch bar you should have no issues trimming limbs around 4-inches in diameter.

You will have no problem reaching limibs up to 11-feet in the air with the two included extension poles.  An automatic oiler keeps the chain and bar from getting to warm during operation.

This pole saw attachment is also available from many different brands of string trimmers like Greenworks, Murray, RYOBI, and Craftsman.


Cultivators are a great way to add amendments to your soil, turn the soil in your garden, and planting new grass.

This is an attachment you might only use a few times a year.  Turning your string trimmer or powerhead into a cultivator with a cultivator attachment is an easy way to take care of your soil turning tasks without buying a full-size cultivator.

Cultivator attachments are capable of turning soil and reaching depths of 6 to 9 inches. This is great for dealing with soil in your average garden or lawn.

You will find that they are pretty demanding on the trimmer and powerhead but are a great way to take care of these types of tasks conveniently and with less cost.

TrimmerPlus GC720 Garden Cultivator Attachment 

Trimmer Plus TPG720 Garden Cultivator Four Premium Tines for Attachment Capable String Trimmers Polesaws, and Powerheads-Outdoor Lawn Care Power Equipment Add-On, Black and Red

This durable and strong cultivator attachment includes 4 steel tines with 8 blades to easily bust-up and turn over soil at your home. The adjustable tilling width allows you to till up 9 inches wide.

The attached guard will keep you from throwing dirt, rocks, and debris all over yourself when tilling your soil.  This attachment is available for many different models of string trimmers including Remington, Yard Machines, Greenworks, Kobalt, and RYOBI to name a few.

Snow Thrower

Cleaning snow off of your deck or walkways can be a pain in the middle or winter and who really wants to get out there and manually shovel them off.

With a snow thrower attachment, you can turn your string trimmer into a mini-snow blower.  These snow thrower attachments allow you to easily reach areas or quickly clear off areas where you don’t want to get out a full-size snowblower or can’t use a full-size snow blower on

They can easily clear a 12-inch wide section to get your deck or walkway cleaned up in no time.

Ryobi Expand-It Snow Thrower Attachment 

Ryobi Expand-It Snow Thrower Attachment RYSNW00

This snow thrower attachment is one of the few universal snow throwers on the market.  It features 12-inch wide width and can clear snow up to 6-inches in depth.

This attachment would be great for clearing steps, decks, and walkways around your home.  The offset handle allows the user to walk in the cleared off path, but is also light weight for easy storage.

So What are Universal String Trimmer Attachments?

Many different string trimmer manufacturers use the same type of connections on their string trimmers that are attachment capable, to allow for attachments from other manufactures to be able to connect to other string trimmers or power heads.

Universal string trimmer attachments will work on brands like RYOBI, Toro, Weed Eater, Troy Bilt, Murray, Poulan Pro and other universal brand fit power heads and trimmers.


Summing it Up: String Trimmer Attachments

Having a string trimmer or powerhead that allows you to use attachments is a great way to utilize you string trimmer for many other purposes like blowing leaves, clearing snow, trimming trees, and cultivating your garden.

You can do all of these tasks without spending a ton of extra money, and cluttering up your garage or tool shed with full-size or dedicated tools that you might only use a couple of times a year.