How Good Are Electric Tillers: A Powerful Alternative to Gas

green battery powered electric tiller tilling soil in garden

So you have a garden and want to get the top soil turned over to make planting that much easier and more successful.  You have heard of electric tillers, but have you wondered how good are electric tillers?  Can they compete with their gas powered cousins, well absolutely they can.  There are some things you …

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How to Clean Electric Hedge Trimmer Blades: In 2 Easy Steps

man cutting hedges with ryobi battery powered trimmer

I have been using hedge trimmers for a long time, and I use my electric hedge trimmers a lot during the spring and summer.  I have always wondered about how to clean electric hedge trimmer blades.  It is a pretty easy task that will help extend the life of your hedge trimmer. How to Clean …

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What is An Electric Tiller? Uses and Benefits

electric tiller tilling soil battery powered cordless

If you are in need of turning soil over in your garden, lawn, or landscape beds, you need an electric tiller.  So you might be asking yourself, exactly what is an electric tiller? What is an electric tiller? Electric Tilers are pieces of gardening equipment that are powered using batteries or household electric power, used …

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How to Remove Ryobi String Trimmer Head in 5 Easy Steps

ryobi string trimmer head and debris guard

RYOBI makes some great string trimmers and they are also pretty easy to work on as well.  One task you might be wondering about is how to remove RYOBI string trimmer head. You might be asking yourself why you would want to do that.  Well, the main reason is to replace the string trimmer line, …

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How to Use a String Trimmer as an Edger: Fully Explained in 2 Steps

girl looking at string trimmer for edging lawn

  String trimmers or weed eaters are great additions to any homeowner’s set of outdoor power tools.  Learning how to use a string trimmer as an edger makes the trimmer that much more versatile tool. I have been using an RYOBI 40V multi attachment capable string trimmer for several years.  It is great to be …

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