Can You Use a Leaf Blower for Snow

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

can you use a leaf blower for snow
Are you wondering, can you use a leaf blower for snow removal? Yes, you can use a leaf blower for snow removal, especially for fresh or powdery snow.  Leaf blowers are pretty good at removing snow from cars, porches, sidewalks, and even smaller driveways.
There are a few things you might want to keep in mind, like what type of snow you are trying to move and which type of blower would work best for snow removal.
Even with those few considerations,  your leaf blower can be used for clearing snow.

Keys to using a leaf blower as a snow blower

1. Only use your leaf blower on light, fluffy snow.
2. Use on snow depths below four inches.
3. When working with a corded electric leaf blower, always ensure that any equipment connected to power outlets has been properly grounded through a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Avoid using cords that have cuts or any exposed wiring.

4. Don’t try blowing snow above 32 degrees. It will be too wet and heavy.

When can you use a leaf blower for snow removal?

One thing to keep in mind when using a snow blower for snow removal is that the type of snow matters.  Powdery and fresh snow is the sweet spot for snow removal with a leaf blower.  The lighter and fluffier the snow, the easy a leaf blower will have to move the snow.

Moving wet heavy snow is going to be an issue for a leaf blower.  Leave the heavy wet stuff for a dedicated snow shovel or snow blower.

You are going to want to use your leaf blower on snow when the temp is above freezing.  This is really for a few reasons but heavy snow is going to increase your chances of damaging your leaf blower since it is going to have to work much harder to try and move the wet heavy snow.

When is it too cold?

Another point to keep in mind it that you might not use the blower in extremely cold weather.   Cold weather could shorten the runtime of any battery powered leaf blower, so extremely cold weather could have even more of an effect on a battery powered blower.

When is it too wet?

You will more than likely not want to try and use corded blower at for clearing snow, but you could use one in a pinch if you have an outdoor GFCI that you can use to make sure you are grounded.

Running a battery powered or corded leaf blower in actively falling snow is most likely not a good idea.  While some battery powered blowers are weather resistant, getting snow and water in the blower inlet is not a good idea.

Wait for the snow to pass before going out and clearing snow if you are using a battery powered leaf blower.


Which leaf blowers are best for snow removal?

In reality, a battery powered leaf blower or a gas leaf blower would be your best bet for removing snow around your home, but this is a all-electric blog, so we are going to skip the gas powered option.

A battery power backpack leaf blower or even a higher end handheld blower will get the job done.

Battery or Cord?

Battery Powered Blowers

Using a battery powered leaf blower would be my choice if I were blowing snow for several reasons with mobility the most important in my book.  Also, the risk of pulling an extension cord around the yard when it is snowing is just not appealing to me no matter what the temp.

There are several blowers on the market especially the EGO blowers that have batteries that are weather resistant and would be suited for blowing snow in wetter environments.

The downside of using a battery powered blower is going to be runtime.  While battery powered blowers have the power to move snow,  they more than likely will not last for an extended period of time.  This could be compensated for by having multiple batteries, but even then the cold could possibly reduce your runtime.

Corded Electric Blowers

A corded leaf blower even with it’s nearly unlimited power is just not the best option for snow blowing.  The need to have an extension cord is just not ideal for snow blowing with a leaf blower.  However, you can use a corded leaf blower for snow blowing,

How to Use a Leaf Blower to Clear Snow?

One thing you don’t want to do when using a leaf blower for snow removal is to just go out without a plan.  Blowing the snow in just any direction is not going to be an efficient use of your time and might just make the situation worse. Who really wants to be out in the freezing cold blowing or clearing snow anyway, so need to move quickly and efficiently.

To clear away snow, with your leafblower, you need to operate the leaf blower similarly to how you’d use a snowblower.  Make sure the leaf blower is pointed down at a steady angle and move the blower side to side like you would for blowing leaves.

To clear the snow properly, you shouldn’t move too aggressively during your strokes.   Instead, use an appropriate angle with smooth consistent strokes for efficient cleaning.

In addition, make sure you keep an eye out for any solid ice that might be sticking to your walkway, a leaf blower more than likely won’t have the power to break up the ice. You might have to come back and get those spots with a shovel.

Where is the Snow Going?

To start clearing snow with a leaf blower, first of all, you need to take into consideration where you want to clear the snow. It’s important to choose a spot that is easily accessible.

Removing Snow from Your AutomobileRemoving snow from a car is similar to removing snow from your driveway or deck.  You need to move from side to side and front to back.

Make sure you remove the snow from the roof,  frozen snow falling from the roof of a car can be a hazard for other motorists.  We have all seen those videos of snow failing from cars smashing into other cars and cracking windshields.

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No more Shovel and No more Snow Blower?

While you can use a leaf blower on snow it might not be perfect or all situations.  You can take care of some basic snow blowing tasks on many surfaces.

You just need to make sure the snow isn’t too wet or heavy.

Using a leaf blower can cut you back pain and time out in the freezing cold too, but I don’t think you will be able to put away your snow shovel or snow blower permanently. Using a leaf blower in the winter extends the usefulness of the blower from not only an essential fall tool to an outdoor tool you can use almost year-round.