Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Work?

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do battery powered lawn mowers work

Are you looking for a new lawn mower and have gotten tired of the old gas mower you had in the past.  Battery powered mowers are a good alternative to a regular gas mower. You might be asking yourself, do battery powered lawn mowers work?

Why choose an Electric Lawn Mower

When most folks are asked that question, their reply usually is, less noise and they don’t have to buy gas.  Also, there is very little to no maintenance on the equipment.  Generally, the most you have to do is sharpen mower blades and charge batteries  Electric lawnmowers are lighter than gas lawnmowers so they are easier to push. Battery powered mowers also don’t cost much to maintain since electric rates are generally cheap.

Are Electric Mowers Better than Gas?

In my opinion, electric lawn mowers are better than gas for a few reasons:

  • Electric mowers have zero emissions which makes them better for the environment
  • Battery powered electric mowers are quieter than gas lawnmowers
  • The total cost of ownership is lower for electric mowers because they require no gas
  • You no longer have to store gas and keep it from going bad

Consumer Reports wrote up a pretty good article comparing a gas vs electric mowers

Lower Cost of Ownership

Most electric mowers are comparably priced to gas mowers that most homeowners may already use or have used in the past. The cost of electricity is cheap in comparison to the increasing cost of gas.  Reports say that the yearly cost of recharging batteries for your mower to be $5 a year Who wouldn’t like those savings over the long run?

Batteries will eventually need to be replaced, and if not used, stored, and recharged correctly there performance can decline.  Also, some manufacturers often change battery designs and types.  That is why I suggest going with a company like EGO or RYOBI that use a standard battery in many different types of electric outdoor equipment.

Lower Noise Levels

Electric mowers run at a significantly lower noise level than their gas counterparts.  Tests show gas mowers produce between 95 and 105 decibels of sound while cutting. At these levels, a user of a gas mower should be wearing hearing protection to avoid hearing loss.

Less Pollution

Electric motors create no pollution. Studies indicate that a gas mower emits just as much harmful carbon monoxide as several cars do over the same time period of use. Even if you are a just little concerned about the environment, electric mowers are a much cleaner choice.

Easy to Use

Using an electric mower couldn’t be easier.  Most all start with a single push of a button.

Standard gas push mowers have a pull start, which works fine on a newer mower in good running condition. Older gas mowers can become quite difficult to start. If you have ever broken a recoil starter from trying too many times to start that old gas engine, you will appreciate a push start.

A well-maintained electric model generally has a single item of upkeep – sharpening the blade.


Most electric mowers are just easier to push because these types of mowers are generally smaller than a gas product of the same dimensions. Electric mowers don’t require the large engine to the top of the mower to generate blade speed, so you benefit from good weight savings.

I think you will enjoy the quiet operation of an electric mower, compared to the exhaust and engine noise of a gas mower. I decide for me anyway that electric options will are simpler to maintain, more affordable, and just a much easier tool to use.

Check out this video to see the benefits of an electric mower.

Evolution of the Electric Mower

Not too long ago, battery powered lawn mowers were useful only small lawns that were cut often. They couldn’t handle larger yards with thick grass. The battery powered lawn mower industry has changed rapidly. With big batteries and more powerful motors, now these mowers have the power to handle all but the most challenging mowing conditions.

Electric lawn mowers were considered a novelty. Most electric mowers where corded, which meant you were limited to the location of electrical outlets and the length of your extension cord.  Not to mention that you had to move the cords around to change the path you were mowing in.  That was a hassle.

Early versions of battery-powered mowers, which were usually expensive and way underpowered could barely cut a ¼-acre yard on a single charge.

Lithium-ion technology has been developed to the point where it can offer run time and life to be used by homeowners. Most consumer battery powered mowers are push only. Ryobi has a few riding mower options that are available, but they are more expensive.  I actually own the RYOBI battery powered zero turn mower, that I have really grown to love.  While this mower is relatively expensive, you get all the benefits of an electric push mower in a larger platform, that truly can compete with the gas mower in it’s cutting width.

In Conclusion: Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Work?

So the question was asked do battery powered lawn mowers work?  If by work you mean, cut grass, do it quietly, efficiently, and with overall cost savings, then yes battery powered lawn mowers work.  They work so well that I have gotten rid of all my gas powered lawn equipment.  Give a battery powered lawn mower a chance I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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