Do Robot Lawn Mowers Need a Garage? [ Even Robots Want to be Comfortable ]

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do robot lawn mowers need a garage

Mowing lawns has always been a chore. It takes hours of work every week, and most of us hate it. But with the rise of robotic mowers, we might not have to do it anymore. Do robot lawn mowers need a garage?

With the rise of robotic mowing technology, many homeowners are wondering whether they should invest in a garage for their robotic mowers. In this article, I’ll explain why garages aren’t necessary for robotic mowers and how they can even make your yard look nicer.

If you’re thinking about investing in a robotic mower, then read this article first before making any decisions.

Is a robot mower garage useful or not?

A garage is where we store our tools, bikes, lawnmowers, etc. But what happens when it rains? Or snow? And how do we protect our machines from water damage? Well, there are some options out there.

One thing is certain: a garage is much better than having your bike under a tree. In fact, I am sure that most people prefer to keep their bikes inside rather than outside. So why not make a garage for your robot mowers?

The idea behind this project is simple: a garage that protects your machine from rain, snow, and even humidity.

We designed the garage to be modular; that way, it can easily be adapted to fit whatever type of robot mower you have. You just have to add another module. For example, one could be designed to hold a riding mower while others can hold push mowers or walk-behind mowers.


Can you Leave a Robot Mower Outside?

Robot mowers are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for a low-maintenance lawn solution. They cut grass without you having to touch it, and they don’t even need to be plugged into a wall outlet.

The simple answer is yes, they can be left outside. Most modern robot lawnmowers are capable of being left outside for long periods of time, rain or shine. Most are extremely water resistant, and some are waterproof.

I wouldn’t leave the mower outside all year round unless you live in a climate where the grass needs to be cut year-round. Even though robot mowers can be left outside, having a garage to store the mower is a good idea.

Is a Garage Needed

Although, on the face of it, the robot does not require any extra protection, there are some advantages to having one. A garage protects against the elements, hail, snow, branches, and bird droppings.

These things can affect the robot. Also, if it is frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions or risk of external impact, covering it will help prevent damage.

The charging station itself is capable of handling most impact forces, but protecting the charging station from projectiles is another good reason for a garage.

Having a garage where you can store your mower will help protect the charging base, which might not be as suitable for being outside in the elements for extended periods of time.


Why Would You Build A Robot Lawn Mower Garage?

Your robot lawn mower needs protection from weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat, cold, wind, dust, dirt, debris, and even pets. If you don’t want to spend money on a garage, there are several ways to build one yourself.

If you want to protect your robot from UV rays and bad weather while it charges, then creating a robot lawn mowing garage might be a good idea. It could also mean that your robot lasts longer.

Robot mower garages are not just a place to park your mower when it isn’t used. Protecting your robot from the elements and damaging objects is important. It’s best to cover it up when it’s outside.

Robotic mowers can handle impact from the occasional projectile, like sticks and rocks. A robot mower garage is essential for protecting the charging or base station the mowers rely on. A garage protects it from all kinds of projectiles.

robot lawnmower parked in homemade garage

Robot Lawn Mower Garages

Robots are great for lawn maintenance. They do everything from trimming grass to cutting it down to size. But you still need someone to maintain them. And that person needs somewhere safe to store them.

So what happens when you need to protect your robot from the weather? Or maybe you want to make sure your lawn looks nice. There are many ways to go about protecting your robot from the elements. Here are some ideas.

Manufacturer Garages

Most manufacturers produce garages or covers for their robot lawnmowers. These generally are functional and look professional. They usually cost around $100-$150 and come in many different designs.
Husqvarna makes a model that seems like it fits the bill perfectly. It doesn’t stand out in the garden but does provide some protection against the elements.
There are other pre-made robot mower garages like the XL Robot Mower shed, with is a polycarbonate sheet anchored into the lawn.
There is also the Flymo robot mower garage. This mower garage has a folding roof that allows access to the mower from the top. This is the garage is mower specific is only meant for the Flymo mowers

Mowhouse Robot Lawnmower Garage

This aluminum robot lawn mower storage unit is designed to keep your lawn mower safe and dry. It’s perfect for storing your lawn mower while you’re away.
The design features a large opening door that allows easy access to the interior. Inside, you’ll find space for up to three different types of lawn mowers. If you have multiple machines, you can store them side by side. One thing to note is that the floor isn’t completely flat; there are raised areas where the wheels sit. These help prevent damage to the bottom of the machine.

Under-Lawn Robot Mower Garage

This is an unusual design that certainly catches people’s attention. It looks like a regular lawn mower, but it serves a different purpose. This is a disguised under-lawn robot mower garage.

I am sure you are wondering why someone would want such a thing, right? Well, there are many reasons, including privacy, security, and aesthetics. If you live in a neighborhood where people don’t always appreciate what goes on outside of their homes, this could be a great way to keep your yard looking clean without having to worry about being seen.

Robotic Wooden Shed

Garden sheds are usually an ever-present part of any garden. So why not add a little section off to the side to store your robot lawnmower? They’re often quite affordable.

If you’re looking for something cool, consider making your own. However, if you just want something functional, plenty of designs out there are inexpensive enough that they won’t break the bank.

You could add a small area where you can store the base station, and the robot mower will have a place to be stored it along with some of your other garden tools.

robot lawn mower cutting grass in fall

Home Made Mower Cave

The idea behind building a robot mower garage is pretty cool. You don’t need to be a master builder to do it either.

All you need is some basic carpentry skills and a few tools. In this case, we’ll use a concrete block wall and a couple of large rocks to hold down the roof. Then, we’ll lay grass across the top of the stones, making sure to dig out enough space for the wheels.

If you’ve got a larger lawn, you might consider building multiple garages.

Home-Made Flower Planter

If you’re looking for somewhere discreet to store your lawnmower, look no further than this garden planter.

Build a small robot mower shed into the bottom of the planter. You could add the base station in the shed and cover the door with flexible PVC to keep the mower protected from the weather.

Then you could have flowers blooming on the top and a robot mower ready to take care of the yard anytime you are ready for it too. How cool would that be.

Custom Home for the Robot Mower

If you want to go all in, you can build a custom-looking home for your robot mower. This can be a kicked up dog house that looks just like your own home. You can model the garage to mimic the style of your home.

You will need to add some features to allow easy access to the mower, like a removable roof. You would also need an easy access door system that the robot mower could easily move in and out of to access the base station.

robot lawn mower cutting grass

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Need a Garage? Summing it Up

In conclusion, robot mowers are becoming increasingly common these days. They’re easy to use, affordable, and offer excellent performance.

That’s where garages come in handy. A garage provides protection from the elements, keeps the base station out of the weather. So whether you want to protect your investment or just make sure that your neighbors aren’t complaining about the mower sitting in the yard, a garage is definitely the way to go.


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