How to Remove Ryobi String Trimmer Head in 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

how to remove ryobi string trimmer head

RYOBI makes some great string trimmers and they are also pretty easy to work on as well.  One task you might be wondering about is how to remove RYOBI string trimmer head.

You might be asking yourself why you would want to do that.  Well, the main reason is to replace the string trimmer line, which if you use your trimmer as much as I do, then you will be doing this often.

The great part is that this is pretty simple, and you should be back trimming in no time at all.

Removing an RYOBI String Trimmer Head

So the good part as I mentioned earlier is that this is a pretty simple task and shouldn’t take long.  I am no mechanic and I managed to do this in just a few minutes.

Let me apologize for the trimmer used in the following example.  It is my personal RYOBI string trimmer that gets a lot of use.  It still works as well as it did when I bought it though.

Step 1 – Positioning the Trimmer Head

I have a little bit of an advantage here because my trimmer head is removable, but this will work with a nondetachable trimmer head as well.

You are going to want to flip the trimmer head over so it is resting on its back with the debris shield up.  It might be easier to have the trimmer head verticle as well depending on what is easier on your body and positioning.

ryobi string trimmer bump head

Step 2 – Removing the Bump Head

To remove the head there are two quick-release tabs on either side of the bump head.

Press the tabs and pull the bump head away from the top of the trimmer head

ryobi string trimmer head removal

Step 3 – Taking out the Trimmer Line Reel

Once you remove the trimmer head you will see a tension spring and an inner trimmer line reel.  If you were in need to replace the string trimmer you can remove the trimmer line reel and replace the trimmer string.

ryobi string trimmer head removed

Be careful of the spring, it easily falls out of the head.

Step 4 – Putting it Back Together

Now that you have successfully removed the trimmer head and have completed whatever maintenance you were wanting to perform, then it is now time to put the trimmer head back together.

ryobi string trimmer head tension spring and line reel

Position the head so that the tabs on the head are attached to the string trimmer head and shaft to the holes in the trimmer bump head.

After they are aligned push the bump head back onto the trimmer head.  You should hear an audible click once the tabs have successfully connected to the bump head.  You will feel some resistance from the tension spring when reattaching the bump head.

Step 5 – Testing the Trimmer

After reassembling the trimmer head, you should now test that the trimmer head is still turning and working correctly.

Once you have powered on your trimmer either via (battery, cord, or starting the engine).  Give the trimmer a little throttle and make sure the head turns easily.  You will also want to test your bump head to make sure the trimmer line still feeds correctly.

How Do You Maintain a String Trimmer?

Depending on which type of model you own, there may be some variations in the basic steps for maintaining your string trimmer. A common maintenance task you need to perform is changing the trimming line.

If you’re having trouble replacing the line without damaging anything else, look up the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular brand of string trimmer and follow them carefully.

Regardless of whether you’re using an electric corded or battery powered trimmer, cleaning up after yourself is essential for maintaining its performance. You’ll find detailed instructions in your owner’s manual for cleaning your string trimmer properly.



So there you have it.  Not so hard right?  Learning how to remove an RYOBI string trimmer head is a pretty easy task that each owner should really want to know how to do to properly maintain your string trimmer.

Get back out there and keep trimming those weeds won’t stop growing.



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