Can you use a leaf blower to clean out your gutters? [ Fully Explained ]

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

can you use a leaf blower to clean out your gutters

Gutter cleaning is a chore that many homeowners dread. It requires climbing ladders, crawling around on roofs, and using dangerous equipment. But with the right tool, gutter cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or dangerous. Can you use a leaf blower to clean out your gutters?

There are lots of reasons why you should consider hiring someone else to do your gutter cleaning. For example, you might not have enough time to spend on such a task. Or maybe you just hate heights and would rather stay safe on the ground. Whatever the reason may be, you shouldn’t have to suffer from poor gutter maintenance. With the right tools, you can get the job done quickly and safely.

4 Steps to Clean Your Gutters With A Leaf Blower

Gutters are one of those things you just don’t think about unless there’s something wrong with it. But once you notice a problem, you’ll want to fix it immediately.

If you’re thinking about cleaning out your gutters yourself, then look at the info below, and you will get those gutters cleaned in no time.

Safety First: Attach Leaf Blower to a Safety Line

The first step in clearing leaves out of gutters is to secure a rope or cord to your leaf blower’s handle. This ensures that you don’t lose control of the machine while it’s running or drop the blower.

If you’re using a rope, make sure it’s tied securely to the handle. You can do this by tying a square knot, overhand knot, or bowline knot. Ensure the knot is tight enough to prevent the leaf blower from slipping out of your hands.

Using a Laddar to Access the Gutters

Common problem homeowners face during the fall season is leaves clogging up the gutters. Leaves are heavy, and they tend to build up over time. If you don’t do anything about it, they’ll eventually block the flow of water and cause damage to your home.

One way to fix the issue is to use a ladder to access the gutters. You can either climb up one side of the house or the other, depending on where the gutter is located. Once you reach the gutter, you can clear away the debris.

Once you’ve cleared the area, start the leaf blower before climbing down. This will help prevent any debris from getting blown onto the roof.

Raise The Leaf Blower

If you are planning to raise the leaf blower, it is important to do so carefully. Raising the leaf blower too quickly could cause serious injuries. Make sure to remain balanced while raising the leaf blower.

If you have someone around to help you it might be easier to have them just hold the blower while you climb the ladder then let them hand you the blower when you get to the top.

Blow Out The Leaves and Debris From The Gutters

You will want to point the leaf blower at an angle the begin blowing the debris out of the gutter. I recommend starting near a downspout and working your way away from the downspout.

You want to keep from blowing debris into the downspout which might cause the downspout to get clogged. One thing to keep in mind is that the debris will blow all over everything below you. So you might want to make sure anything below you is ok to get dirty.

gutter guard install

Cleaning Gutters that Have Gutter Guards or Screens

If you’ve got a gutter cover system installed, you’ll want to make sure you know how to clean it properly. Even if you have gutter guards on your gutters, the gutters can still accumulate debris in the bottom of the gutter.

I have gutter guards on my home, and I still need to blow debris off of the guards yearly. I have pine trees on my property and pine needles love to get stuck in the gutter guards.

Clean The Downspout

The downspout is one of those things you don’t think about unless it gets clogged up. When it does break, it usually happens because something has fallen into it and blocked up the flow of water.

You will want to blow out the downspout from both the bottom and top of the downspout to make sure they are all cleared out.


Two Step Cleaning With a Wind and Water

Use a leaf blower to clear the debris from the outside and inside of the gutter. Blow away anything large enough to block the opening of the downspout. Once you have blown out all of the debris, it is time to get out the hose to make sure the gutters and downspouts are clean.

  • Spray the gutter’s interior with a garden hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle. Aim the stream of water toward the downspout, and keep spraying until the water runs clear.
  • Let the water flow down the gutter until it reaches the downspout. Then turn off the water supply and let the water drain out.
  • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on each section of gutter until all the debris has been removed.


Is Cleaning Your Gutters with a Leaf Blower Easier Than Doing it By Hand?

Cleaning out your gutters can be an unpleasant job that seems like a chore. You don’t want to do it, but there’s no avoiding it.

A leaf blower makes clearing gutter systems easier and safer. It is also a much less messy task. No need to put your hands in the mess in the gutter. Let the blower do the work for you.

Leaf blowers make it much easier to clean gutters. If you use a gutter cleaning attachment you might even avoid using the ladder altogether. You can safely clean the gutters from ground level or just use a smaller step ladder.


Using an Electric or Battery Powered Leaf Blower to Clean Gutters

If you want to clean your gutters with an electric or battery-powered leaf blower you will want to look at models that are lightweight but powerful. I personally use an RYOBI blower which is part of the 18-volt line of RYOBI tools, but blowers from EGO, Greenworks, Toro, or Worx would easily handle the job.

I would personally choose a battery-powered model just to keep away from the hassle of dealing with extension cords. Battery-powered models are a little heavier, but they are much more mobile.

Cleaning with a Leaf Blower is Easier With Specialized Attachments

We’re always looking for ways to make home improvement projects go smoothly. One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that many homeowners are hesitant about climbing up on ladders to clean their gutters. If you use a ladder, you could end up slipping while trying to clean out those gutters.

A battery powered or electric leaf blower along with a DIY or manufactured-produced gutter cleaning attachment makes it even easier to clean your gutters because there is no need to climb a ladder. You don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your house or property.

The best part about a gutter cleaning attachment is how quickly it allows you to complete the task. Simply attach the gutter cleaning attachment to your leaf blower, turn it on, and start blowing away those pesky leaves.

FAQ: Cleaning Gutters with a Leaf Blower

Here are a few of the more common questions folks ask when thinking about using a leaf blower to clean out the gutters at your home.

How fast of a leaf blower do you need to clean your gutters?

A good speed to blow leaves, according to the experts, is about 120mph. This is the minimum speed at which you can effectively use a leaf blower to clean your gutters.

The CFM number tells you what amount of airflow the machine produces. You want to buy a blower that has a CFM number of over 200. Anything less won’t cut it.

What is better gas or electric leaf blowers?

Electric leaf blowers are cheaper and easier to use than gas leaf blowers. They are also much quieter and don’t emit harmful emissions. Electric and battery powered blowers also don’t require annual maintenance other than keeping the batteries charged if you have a battery-powered blower.

I would not opt for a gas-powered blower for blowing leaves out of gutters since they are heavier and can be harder to handle when climbing ladders.

Are leaf blowers any good with wet leaves?

A leaf blower works best on dry leaves because leaves move easier when they are dry. If leaves are too wet, they stick together and are harder to move even with powerful electric and battery-powered blowers.

You’ll waste more time and energy trying to move the leaves around efficiently. If possible I suggest waiting till the leaves dry before trying to blow them.

When should you clean your gutters, and how often?

Gutters aren’t just for protecting your home against rainwater. They’re also responsible for preventing water damage to your roofing system. While some people think that gutter cleaning is unnecessary, it plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your property. It’s recommended to clean your gutter twice a year at a bare minimum.

But depending on where you live, what types of trees surround your house, and how often you see leaves falling off those trees, you might need to do things differently.

For example, if there aren’t many trees around your house, you might not need to clean your gutters twice a year. Instead, you’ll want to clean your gutters once per season or even once per year. And while you might feel like you’ve cleaned your gutters enough, it’s best to keep up with regular maintenance. Preventing debris buildup is much easier than trying to clear it out later.

Can you or should you walk on your roof when cleaning your gutters?

While it is ok to do so you will want to take some real caution. In some homes, it might be easier to clean places on the roof and gutters when you can access them from the roof.

On a personal note, my father-in-law, whose home is surrounded by older hardwood trees and gets tons of leaves on his home, annually used to climb his roof to clean off of the leaves from his gutters and roof. A few years ago, the ladder slipped, and he fell about 12 feet to the deck he had the ladder on. He wasn’t seriously injured, but he did hurt his back and hasn’t attempted that cleaning session again after the fall.

So I would say it is Ok, but I would highly recommend against it. If you do, be very, very cautious, and if you feel uncomfortable doing so please do not climb on your roof.

Summing it Up: Can you use a leaf blower to clean out your gutters?

In conclusion, yes, you can use a leaf blower to clear out your gutters. However, it is important to get the correct kind of electric or battery-powered leaf blower. Even if you don’t want to climb a ladder there are ways to use an electric or battery-powered leaf blower with attachments to clean out those gutters. Always make sure you are comfortable with handling the gutter cleaning task safely.