Are Ryobi Battery Lawn Mowers Any Good?

are ryobi battery lawn mowers any good

  Well I guess I am a little partial here, but if you were to ask me are RYOBI battery lawn mowers any good, I would give a resounding, yes.  I personally own two RYOBI lawn mowers the 16inch 40v push mower and the 100Ah 42″ zero turn.  I enjoy using both of the mowers …

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Battery Powered Generator for Tailgating

battery powered generator for tailgating

The one thing all tailgating events have in common is a need for power.  Generators are often that source of power, droning away in background providing power for the tv, blinder, music, and lighting.  What if we could have all that power without the extra noise and hassle of a gas engine?   Let’s take …

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Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Extension Cords a Definitive Guide

Did you know that there are two types of extension cords? What is the difference between indoor and outdoor extension cord? Whether you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor extension cord, we have the information you need to make an informed purchase. Let’s find out the difference between indoor and outdoor extension cords. What is …

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Average Cost of Landscaping Design

average cost of landscaping design diagram

We all know that the average cost of landscaping design will vary depending on the type of work required. However, one thing remains constant: For any landscaping project, you’ll need to consider costs for materials, permits, installation, and labor. Let’s look at the average cost of landscaping design and see how much you need to …

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Ideas4Landscaping: Impressive DIY Landscaping Design Ideas


Gardening and landscaping is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all. However, for most people it is not always easy visualizing what your want your landscape to look like.  That is where a product like Ideas4Landscaping comes into play. It can help you design and plan your landscape. It can be exciting to come …

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Cost of a Robot Lawn Mower

robot lawnmower cutting grass next to a rose bush

A robot lawn mower is a new and exciting way to make your yard look well-groomed. For many people, however, the idea of purchasing an expensive machine that is more or less limited to one task sounds like a big waste of money. We will take a look at the cost of a robot lawn …

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How to Place Outdoor Landscape Lighting

So you are interested in putting some new outdoor landscape lighting in and around your home.  There are so many options of where you should or shouldn’t place your landscape lighting.  Let’s take a quick look at how to place outdoor landscape lighting at your home. Where should you focus your outdoor landscape lighting? You …

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Average cost of home outdoor landscape lighting

landscape path way light in pine straw

  If you’re looking to light up your home’s exterior, you might be interested in installing a landscape lighting system. With modern advancements, there are many different types of lights to choose from, including solar-powered and led low voltage outdoor lights! So how much does it cost to install one of these systems? Well, that …

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Where to Place Outdoor Landscape Lighting: The Essential Info

solar powered outdoor landscape light in flower bed

If you are looking at adding outdoor landscape lighting to your home, you will need to take some extra time to decide where exactly you are going to place your outdoor landscape lights. So the big question is where to place outdoor landscape lighting. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design One of the best things about adding …

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How to Add Outdoor Landscape Lighting

low voltage outdoor landscape light

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to provide a warm, welcoming, and attractive environment for both your home’s exterior. There are a number of ways in which outdoor lighting can be configured to meet the needs of your property and family. Let’s take a look and see how to add outdoor landscape lighting to your …

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