Best Portable Battery Power Station For Home

Let’s face it, the average home has a ton of electrical devices that we use every day, but power outages are becoming more and more commonplace.  If you want to have access to those electrical devices in a power outage or when you are away from home (ie tailgating), you are going to want to …

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Best Electric Log Splitter Under $300

man using electric log splitter to split fire wood

So you are in the need of splitting some firewood for your fireplace or fire pit, but you hate swinging an ax to get the job done.  Looks like you might be in need of an electric log splitter.  Electric log splitters are a great way to split firewood easily and efficiently. Let’s take a …

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What is the Best Battery Powered Generator

generator powering camper

What can I say, being without power sucks.  It does really.  If you like most folks power outages are becoming more and more commonplace.  Whether it is severe weather or aging power grid infrastructure, power often drops.  That is why it is a great idea to have a generator at your home as an emergency …

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How Do Battery Powered Generators Work

battery powered generator

If you live in an area where you happen to lose power a lot, you might be looking into getting a generator.  Gasoline and natural gas powered generators have been around for many years, but are loud and emit dangerous carbon monoxide.  Maybe a battery powered generator is a better choice for emergency or off-grid …

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Best Cordless Battery Powered Outdoor Tools for Christmas

presents under a Christmas tree

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time to start shopping for your favorite lawn enthusiast, or maybe even yourself.  We are going to take a look at the best cordless battery powered outdoor tools for Christmas. With battery powered tools being the new tools of choice for home lawn care, what better way …

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How Does an Electric Log Splitter Work

splitting logs with log splitter

Temps are starting to cool, so it is getting prime time to start a fire in your fireplace or outdoor firepit.  To make that nice warm and cozy you’re going to need to get some firewood split up and stored.  One of the best ways to split that firewood is with a log splitter.  One …

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Corded vs Cordless Pole Saw

cordless vs corded pole saw

Electric powered pole saws are a great way to prune limbs on trees and shrubs around your home.  They are also great at pruning up downed limbs that may have fallen out of larger trees.  There are two types of electric pole saws corded and cordless.  When looking at a corded vs cordless pole saw, …

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Are Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers Any Good?

battery powered hedge trimmers

  If you own or rent a home more than likely you have hedges in your yard or garden. Trimming hedges is generally a task that most homeowners dread.  To make the task faster and easier, you should use a hedge trimmer. Let’s find out, are battery powered hedge trimmers any good? Hedge trimmers come …

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Corded vs Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Trimming the hedges with electric trimmer

  Do you hate trimming hedges?  I did, at least when I was a kid.  My dad only let me use the manual hedge trimmers, the ones that look like a big pair of scissors.  That was such a hassle.  Then sometime along the way, I was introduced to an electric hedge trimmer.  That completely …

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How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

pole saw cutting limbs on a tree

So did you recently get an electric pole saw and now are wondering how to use an electric pole saw safely and correctly?  Electric pole saws are great for trimming limbs or tree branches from the ground safely without using a ladder. If you have ever used manual pole saws, you know how much of …

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