Are Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers Any Good?

battery powered hedge trimmers

  If you own or rent a home more than likely you have hedges in your yard or garden. Trimming hedges is generally a task that most homeowners dread.  To make the task faster and easier, you should use a hedge trimmer. Let’s find out, are battery powered hedge trimmers any good? Hedge trimmers come …

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Corded vs Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Trimming the hedges with electric trimmer

  Do you hate trimming hedges?  I did, at least when I was a kid.  My dad only let me use the manual hedge trimmers, the ones that look like a big pair of scissors.  That was such a hassle.  Then sometime along the way, I was introduced to an electric hedge trimmer.  That completely …

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How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

pole saw cutting limbs on a tree

So did you recently get an electric pole saw and now are wondering how to use an electric pole saw safely and correctly?  Electric pole saws are great for trimming limbs or tree branches from the ground safely without using a ladder. If you have ever used manual pole saws, you know how much of …

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Electric vs Gas Garden Tiller

Man tilling garden with small tiller

When it is time to plant a new garden or to renovate your lawn, there is a good possibility you will need to do some tilling.  There are two types of tillers on the market that homeowners could have in their arsenal.  We are going to take a look to see which is better an …

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How to Use an Electric Garden Tiller

garden tiller tilling soil

Planting a garden, planting flowers, or reseeding your lawn often requires that you use a garden tiller to till or turn over the soil in the garden, flower bed, or lawn.  There are two main types of powered garden tillers, gas, and electric garden tillers.  We are going to focus on how to use an …

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Manual Pump vs Electric Garden Sprayer

Manual vs Electric Sprayer

Spraying for weeds and spraying insecticides are part of homeowners’ seasonal tasks if they have a lawn or garden. Let’s see which type of sprayer we should choose when we compare a manual vs electric garden sprayer.  Spraying chemicals can be a very time-consuming task, and applying the chemicals can be tricky if you don’t …

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What is the Best Electric Tiller?

electric garden tiller

You might not have heard of the concept of tilling, but if you like to maintain your garden, you might have tilled the soil in your yard without even realizing it. Simply put, tilling is turning over the soil in your garden to loosen it up and help the healthy growth of plants.  Are you …

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Top Rated Cordless Pole Saw

pole saw cutting branch

Are you dealing with a landscaping project, and you need to cut down some branches in tight spots?  Do you already have a corded electric pole saw, but need to cut something down where a cord cannot reach without getting hopelessly tangled? A corded machine cannot get to places like this, and it can become …

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What is the Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

trimming a hedge with a battery powered hedge trimmer

The average person who loves gardening can find themselves tending to various needs for their yard regularly. Perhaps one of the most dreaded tasks when taking care of the garden is trimming the hedges. No matter how experienced you are, corded hedge trimmers always manage to tangle you up. Fuel-based cordless hedge trimmers are a …

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Top Rated Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

All gardening lovers love most aspects of gardening. For many of them, trimming the hedges is not a fun part of this passion, especially if you are doing it manually. It takes hours to snip each branch off over several hours, and corded hedge trimmers tangle up no matter how carefully you use them. Buying …

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