Top Rated Cordless Pole Saw

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top rated cordless pole saw

Are you dealing with a landscaping project, and you need to cut down some branches in tight spots?  Do you already have a corded electric pole saw, but need to cut something down where a cord cannot reach without getting hopelessly tangled? A corded machine cannot get to places like this, and it can become almost impossible to take care of the job. This is where you might want to consider using a top rated cordless pole saw.

When it comes to trimming the higher branches on your trees, nothing beats the ease and convenience of cordless pole saws. Battery-powered lawn equipment has come a long way in the last few years, they give you plenty of power, they produce a clean result, it is easy to reach challenging places, and it does not create a plume of smoke in its wake.



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Top Rated Cordless Pole Saws

RYOBI ONE+ 8-Inch 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

ryobi cordless pole saws p4361 18v

The first product on our list of the top-rated cordless pole saws is the 8-inch 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw by RYOBI ONE+.

A pole saw that can extend from 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet, reaching the highest branches on your trees will never be a problem. The 8-inch bar and chain are suitable for trimming away branches that are up to six inches thick without breaking a sweat. The angled cutting head and the in-line motor help you make quick work of the branches in the tightest spaces.

The 18-volt battery keeps the machine running for a long time, and it recharges in 30 minutes after you plug it in so you can get back to work without a major delay.

Specifications and Features

  • Angled cutting head for getting to tighter spaces
  • Powerful in-line motor for better accuracy while cutting
  • Extendable from 6.5 – 9.5 feet
  • Automatic oiler for smooth operation
  • 8-inch bar and chain that can cut branches up to six inches in diameter
  • product weight 8lbs

What we liked

  • The extension length was nice.  Allow an average size person to reach almost 15 feet up.
  • Ability to use the same battery as all other RYOBI 18v tools
  • Nice sized chain bar which allows you to cut some pretty sizeable branches or limbs

What we disliked

  • The automatic oiler constantly leaks oil, which caused me to drain the oil from the oil resivour.
  • We had issues maintaining consistent tension, which causes multiple adjustments during a session of cutting.
  • The extensions are plastic which may be an issue with long term reliability.

Milwaukee  M18 FUEL 10-Inch 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Pole Saw


milwaukee m18 pole saw


A product by Milwaukee was always going to be featured in a list of the top-rated cordless pole saw and the M18 Fuel 10-Inch 18V Lithium-ion Brushless Cordless Pole Saw is an ideal entry to prove why.

This product was designed to meet the needs of professional landscapers. It has the kind of power that would put hardwood branches to shame. Reaching full throttle in under a second, you can expect the machine to deliver up to 150 cuts per charge without losing efficiency.

The M18 FUEL Power Head with QUIK-LOK and the QUIK-LOK 10 Pole Saw attachment make up this product. You can use the Power Head with other attachments for various other applications, making this a versatile product.

The POWERSTATE Brushless motor on this product allows the M18 FUEL to maintain excellent speed despite rough applications and gives you more power than a 40CC fuel engine motor.

Specifications and Features

  • Pole extends to a maximum of 10 feet, includes a shoulder strap as well
  • It features a powerful brushless motor for consistent high speed without losing efficiency
  • Features a 10-inch long chain bar that can cut through the toughest hardwood branches
  • Versatile machine that is compatible with the M18 system
  • Automatic chain oiler and easy access chain tensioning system
  • Product weight 12lbs

What we liked

  • The 10inch  bar length is impressive for a pole saw, cutting larger branches and limbs isn’t an issue
  • Ability to be used along with any other M18 powered tools as well as other Milwaukee QuikLok tools.
  • Battery power was impressive, allowing for many cuts

What we disliked

  • We noticed some leaking bar and chain oil.
  • The chain isn’t angled so you can’t take advantage of the weight of the saw to help cut limbs
  • 12lbs can get heavy when you are trying to cut limbs, it may not seem like a lot but holding 12lbs at chest height for an extended period of time can be challenging

Dewalt 8-Inch 20V MAX Cordless Pole Saw

dewalt cordless pole saws dcps620

Another big name that features on our list of the top-rated cordless pole saw is Dewalt with its 8-Inch 20V MAX Cordless Pole Saw. A remarkable tool that can extend up to 15 feet, this cordless pole saw can let you reach places where most other products cannot.

Ideal for many cutting applications, this cordless pole saw is also compatible with a 10-inch chain bar that you can use instead of the 8-inch bar that comes with the product. Featuring a tree hook, the pole saw helps you make quick work of the toughest branches. It can even perform 96 cuts per charge on a 4×4 pressure-treated pine without a problem.

Its powerful brushless motor delivers power for up to a 16-inch cut if you use it along with the tree hook. Its angled head makes it easier to reach tighter spots up the tree along with its 15 feet extended reach.

Specifications and Features

  • Has an automatic oiling feature
  • Left side 8-inch bar and chain location gives you better visibility when cutting
  • Product weight 8.4lbs
  • Compatible with a 10-inch bar chain
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty cast aluminum gear case
  • Extendable up to 10ft


What we liked

  • The ability to change the original 8-inch bar with a larger 10-inch bar is a real bonus, in case you need to cut larger limbs or tree branches
  • The metal bucking spikes helps with gripping the branch when making a cut and can also help pull down limbs
  • The ability to use the same battery on all other 20V Max tools

What we disliked

  • We found the tool struggled with some larger limbs due to a lack of overall power
  • The weight all being on the front end of the saw caused some issues when trimming higher limbs.  Having the weight so far forward made the saw a little awkward.
  • It is hard to make an undercut due to the way the saw is designed.  Undercuts are essential when making cuts and not wanting split branches

RYOBI ONE+ 10-Inch 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

ryobi cordless pole saws 40v

RYOBI ONE+ has another entry on our list with its 10-Inch 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw. Where the 8-inch machine was suitable for most home-based projects, the 10-inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw is an even more powerful machine that is worthy of use in professional landscaping projects.

You can use this machine to cut branches up to six inches thick in diameter and as far as 12 feet high due to its incredible reach. The extension shaft helps you reach those tighter spots with its angled chain bar for greater accuracy in more challenging projects without wasting time.

The high-capacity 40V lithium-ion battery allows you to work for longer with a single charge than most other products in the market, so you do not have to recharge in the middle of the workday. Battery capacity is generally not an issue when using a 40v battery.

Specifications and Features

  • Comes with a variable speed trigger for better control over cutting speed
  • Works with all RYOBI 40V lithium-ion batteries
  • 10-inch chain bar will allow you to cut limbs 8 inches in diameter
  • Automatic oiling system for smoother operation
  • Has an angled head for better precision and accuracy while cutting
  • 12′ max reach with 9′ extension
  • product weight 14lbs

What we liked

  • Powerhead is compatible with other RYOBI expand it attachments.
  • Angled head, just laying the saw on the limb makes cutting easy
  • 40V power helps when cutting larger branches and outclasses the 18v version we reviewed above.

What we disliked

  • It leaks chain and bar oil.  I personally own this saw and have had to place a sacrificial piece of cardboard under the saw after storing it.
  • With a 40V battery the weight is pretty substantial and will cause fatigue if you are making a lot of cuts
  • Consistent chain tension is an issue and I have experienced the same issue on my pole saw at home.

Greenworks  8.5-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw

greenworks 40v pole saw

The last entry on our list of the top-rated cordless pole saws is the 8.5-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw by Greenworks. This is a lightweight machine that you should not take lightly because it is a very powerful tool for any landscaping project. Its 8-pound weight makes it easier for you to control the saw head for more accurate cuts, and its battery lasts longer than most other pole saws in the market.

It features an automatic chain oiler, so you do not need to worry about the chain running dry. It has a clear oil tank that shows you the oil levels and when you need to refill it. The 3-piece aluminum shaft can extend up to eight feet to provide you excellent reach.

It has an 8-inch chain bar to make quick work of thicker branches using its powerful motor.

Specifications and Features

  • Long-lasting run time on a single charge
  • A lightweight machine that is easy to maneuver
  • Angled cutting makes it more accurate for landscaping projects
  • 8-inch chain bar allows for 6 inches in diameter cuts
  • Product weight 8.4 lbs
  • 8′ pole length

What we liked

  • 40v battery is interchangeable with other tools in the Greenworks line of tools
  • The saw is well balanced and easy to handle, which can be important when you making multiple cuts higher in the tree
  • The battery capacity on the 40v battery was impressive allow for make many cuts without recharging.

What we disliked

  • Weight can be an issue much like all of the other saws in this review.  Cutting for extended periods of time while fully extended is taxing.
  • The saw seemed to eat chain oil, so you will need to keep an eye on the bar and chain oil so that you do not dame the bar or chain.
  • On a few occasions, there was an issue keeping the correct chain tension. Correct chain tension is important for no damaging the saw or possibly injuring yourself.

Why you need a Cordless Pole Saw

Pole saws are an essential tool if you have trees or large bushes in your landscape.  Pruning is a key task in maintaining healthy trees and shrubs.  Pole saws allow you to reach limbs that are higher off the ground, that isn’t easily reached from the ground.  Most pole saws have a telescoping shaft that allows you to reach those higher limbs.

Corded pole saws are great tools allowing you to prune trees and bushes without using gas and all the issues related to gas powered pole saws.  Cordless pole saws allow the mobility of gas without all the hassle. So you get the best of both worlds, mobility, and environmental friendliness.

Benefits of Cordless Pole Saws

Here are a few of the many benefits of using a cordless pole saw in your landscape

  • Mobility to use anywhere around your landscape
  • Less weight when compared to gas pole saws
  • Little to no maintenance, besides what is required for the chain and bar
  • No gas, motor oil, air filters to maintain.
  • Telescoping shaft to reach higher limbs from the ground
  • The ability to use the pole saw for other chain saw duties.
  • Not as heavy as gas pole saws

If you have looked for cordless pole saws, you might be surprised at how many options are available in the market. However, it is a major investment that you are considering, and making the right choice is critical.

We have put together a list of reviews of the top-rated cordless pole saws that you can get in the market to make the right purchase decision easier. With these reviews, we hope to give you all the information you need to make the ideal choice depending on your needs.

Key features to look for in a Cordless Electric pole saw

Here a few of the many features that you will want to take a look at when you are looking to purchase a cordless pole saw.

  • 8 to 10-inch bar and chain length
  • 18 volt to 40 volt battery capacity, the larger the battery power the more cuts per charge you will get
  • external chain tensioning, it is easier and less messy to turn a knob than to remove the chain guard and tighten a set screw
  • automatic bar and chain oiling to keep the saw chain and bar from overheating when cutting
  • a window on the chain oil take so you can quickly see the oil level
  • adjustable cutting heights to allow you to reach a wide range of branches, a telescoping pole or pole extensions are important
  • including shoulder strap, this helps distribute the weight so cut times can be extended
  • ability to use the powerhead for other attachments like a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, or blower

Those are just a few of the top features you should look for in a cordless electric pole saw. If you choose a model with most of these features you should be cutting down branches with ease.

Final Thoughts

Each of these models is the top-rated product in the category. Consider your possible applications for the lithium-ion cordless battery pole saw and compare it to the qualities and features of the products we’ve reviewed. We thought that the Milwaukee  M18 FUEL 10-Inch 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Pole Saw, was the best model we tested in this review, it has strong 18V power as well as a larger chain bar to handle larger limbs.

You really can’t go wrong using any of the models featured in this post. Between the features and your requirements, we are confident that you can find the top-rated cordless pole saw for your landscaping needs on our list.  So get out there and get to cutting.


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