What Else Can You Use a Leaf Blower For? 10 Fun Ways to Use a Leaf Blower

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Kyle Whitley

what else can you use a leaf blower for

There’s a ton of things that you can use a leaf blower to do other than just remove leaves. What else can you use a leaf blower for?

Here are 10 fun ways to use a leaf blower!

Leaf blowers aren’t just used for removing leaves anymore. There are tons of ways to use a leafblower for other tasks than blowing leaves off  your lawn.

Blowing Out Shop Vac Filters

Shop vacuum filters get super dusty, especially if you are doing a lot of woodwork or have dust from a gravel driveway constantly being vacuumed from my cars.

In the past, I tried banging the filter on the ground or in the trash can, which caused more of a mess and covered me and the driveway in more dust.

I found a better way to clean the filter by using my leaf blower.  After holding the filter down with my foot, I then use a leaf blower to blow air into the filter. With this method, I keep myself clean and I get a clean filter to put back in the shop vac.

Wood Shop Bust Bunnies

I haven’t been in a legit woodshop since I was in high school, but I do recall how we had wood shavings and sawdust everywhere.

I know when I do a little woodwork in my basement or garage that blowing that sawdust out the door is a heck of a lot easier than sweeping like my shop teacher used to make us do.

I actually use my leaf blower to regularly clean out my garage from leaves, and constant dust from my gravel driveway.

Lawnmower Clean Up

This is one of my go too’s for my leaf blower.  I have a mulching deck on my zero turn mower and mulching can kick up a lot of dust that somehow accumulates around the mower deck.  Especially when mulching leaves in the fall.

Once you are done cutting the grass or leaves for that matter, get your leaf blower out and use to clean those clippings, dust, and dirt from your mower deck, seats, and frame.

Not only do you get a clean-looking mower, but it will help keep the wear and tear down on parts and the paint.

Drying Off Your Car

I was my car and truck often.  I like a nice clean car, I won’t lie.  I hate water spots too, and that is where a leaf blower comes into my car washing process.

Once I have washed the car, I like to take my leaf blower working my way from the top down to the tires removing as much water as I can from the car or truck.  This saves me a ton of time and keeps me from dirtying up to many drying towels.

The big automatic car washes use industrial size leaf blowers to dry cars off, why not do the same thing but on a smaller scale…trust me it works.

Blow the Dust Out

If you have a particularly dirty car or garage, it makes perfect sense to use your leaf blower to help get the dust out of all those nooks and crannies.

I use my leaf blower almost on a daily basis to blow dog hair, leaves, and dirt from my garage.  I have even on occasion used my blower to blow out my truck.  Especially if I have just taken my dogs to the vet, or just returned home from picking my daughter up at soccer practice.

A blower can make fast work of removing grass and dog hair from your car or truck, just remember to not use your backpack blower for this, opt for a smaller lower powered model.  After all you don’t want to blow the interior of your car apart.

Drying Outdoor Furniture After a Rain Shower

Have you ever wanted to go outside and enjoy the beauties of mother nature by sitting on your deck or patio, but it just rained or morning dew has everything all wet.

No problem, get your leaf blower out and blow the dampness away.  It is much like drying your car.  Use the powerful air stream to dry off chairs, tables, and benches.  You will be able to enjoy the sceneria without getting your pants wet.

Moving Snow

I am from the Southern United States, and I don’t get a ton of snow.  Actually it may be years between snow storms, but I have used a leaf blower to clear some light powdery snow from my deck and porch.

I have also used my blower to clear snow off of my truck, we southerners don’t have snow brushes and scrapes at hand usually.  We do have leaf blowers and they will get the job of moving snow in a pinch.

Clear Your Dryer Vent

Clogged dryer vents are just a bad deal.  Not only do they keep your clothes from drying efficiently, but they can also cause a fire hazard.  So why not use a leaf blower to clean out that vent?

Leaf blowers can be used to clean out dryer vents assuming they met certain conditions as the vent dumps outside and there aren’t too many bends in the dryer vent line.

Clearing Puddles

Now when I was a kid I loved puddles.  I loved jumping in them and splashing away.  My mom wasn’t so fond of puddles sense I constantly had wet shoes.

You can use your leaf blower to clear up a puddle.  I have done this specifically on my back deck when a big rainstorm comes up and blows water on my half-covered deck.  I like to remove the water so I don’t track water into the house which my wife appreciates.  Happy wife happy life.

Leaf Blower for Cleaning Gutters

Last but not least, you absolutely can clean out gutters with a leaf blower.  Clogged gutters can cause all kinds of problems with your home like foundation issues,  staining of the gutters, insect and critter issues.

Now, this might be the tidiest way of cleaning your gutters.  You absolutely will make a mess, but it is fun and works pretty well.  Did I say fun when talking about gutter cleaning?  I sure did.

There are two ways of cleaning your gutters with a leaf blower.  You can climb the ladder and use the leaf blower from the top of the ladder.  I wouldn’t generally recommend this especially for higher gutters.

The other method is to use a gutter cleaning extension that attaches to the end of your leaf blower that can reach up and over into the gutter and blower leaves and debris from inside the gutter.

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Summing it Up: Multi-Use Leaf Blowers

So there you have it, you found out what else can you use a leaf blower for other than blowing leaves.   As you can tell a leaf blower is actually a more versatile tool than you might expect, and offers a great deal of extra functionality to an often overlooked outdoor power tool.