What is the Best Electric Cordless Snow Blower?

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What is the Best Electric Cordless Snow Blower?

In recent years, we have witnessed extreme winters with lots of snowfall. During the past few winters, homeowners from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico have had to shovel snow. This has led to a rise in the demand for snow blowers in the market. What is the best electric cordless snow blower?

Cordless electric snow blowers are a good option here. They are easy to carry and maintain. You don’t need to worry about gas or damaging the environment. Unlike corded models, you can move around with battery-powered snow blowers without the risk of tripping over.

In this blog, we cover 5 of the best cordless electric snow blowers available in the market.

What is the Best Battery Powered Snow Blower?

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Model ImageModel NameDescriptionBuying Options
snow joe cordless 18 inch 48volt snow blowerSnow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow BloweCapable 18" wide single stage snow blower that is more than powerful enough to cleanup any driveways or walkways around your homeGet It Now
greenworks 40v 20inch snowblowerGreenworks 20-Inch 40v Cordless Snow ThrowerThis 40-volt battery powered single stage snow blower has a large 20" width to make cleaning up a fresh snow an easy taskGet It Now
powersmart 18inch 40v cordless snowblowerPowersmart DB2401 18″ Snow BlowerThis 18-inch clearing path, 13-inch clearing height, 180 degree swiveling chute will make snow cleanup a snap Get It Now
earthwise 16 inch cordless snow shovelEarthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless ElectricThis ultra portable snow shovel makes cleaning snow off decks and porches a breeze with it's 16-inch cleaning width.Get It Now
ego 21 inch 56v battery powered snow blowerEGO 21-Inch Cordless 56-Volt SnowblowerLarge 21 inch clearing path and EGO 56-volt battery power will get your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways cleared of snow quickly and easily Get It Now

Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Single Stage Snowblower Kit | 18-Inch | W/ 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger

Snow Joe launched their very first electric snow shovel in the market came in 2004. Since then, the company has come a long way with improved quality products for DIY home maintenance.

This model is perfect for clearing snow from regular paved surfaces, including sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and decks. This unit has a 40 V EcoSharp lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides that can last for up to 50 minutes.

The iON18SB is a small unit and a single-stage snow blower, so it will only work on fluffy stuff. However, if you’re patient and not in a hurry, you can clear away snow completely, down to the plow leaves at the bottom of your driveway.

This model has a powerful 180 degree, auto-rotating chute. It can heave snow away up to a distance of 20 feet. That is quite impressive if you consider the fact that it only weighs about 32 pounds, making it very easy to move around.



Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Cordless Snow Thrower

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Thrower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 26272 (Renewed)

The Greenworks 20-inch is a budget model that lies at the lower end of the price range. It offers excellent performance and usability for its cost.

This model weighs only 15 pounds. It is one of the most lightweight options available on the market. Despite being light, this snow blower is as powerful as they come with a 40V, 2 AH Lithium-Ion battery.  It is great for removing soft snow and can clear up to 6-inches of snow with a 12-inch shoveling width.

Since it is a single-stage machine and clears down to the pavement, this unit is not recommended for working on uneven or gravel-based walkways or driveways.

The 40-volt battery lasts about 45 minutes of use, so you may need to buy an extra battery depending on your requirements. It can throw snow up to 20 feet away, which has become a standard on snow blowers.





Powersmart DB2401 18″ Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB2401 Lithium-Ion 40V Cordless 18" Snow Blower

The PowerSmart DB2401 cordless snow blower is a lightweight, moderate-sized electric snow blower that has high ratings from buyers. It weighs just under 20 pounds and is about as big as a small-sized lawn mower.

In terms of performance, it is very reliable. The DB2401 will clear away your walkways and driveway of up to 6 inches of snow with ease. The light weight makes it very easy to push, and even beginners will be able to use it without much effort. This is a no-frills battery-powered electric snow blower so there aren’t many extra features like headlight or auto-rotating chute. However, it is pretty good for its price and would be useful for first-time buyers.

It isn’t recommended for use with heavy snow. If you try to clear out too much snow with this, it can become clogged. Its chute can also bog down, and the auger will slow down when that happens. You can get it fixed on your own with some cleaning and a bit of patience.

The single-stage thrower can easily clear away your paved driveway from the garage down to the street easily, so that is a big plus. The handlebars are foam-wrapped to give you a strong, comfortable grip.





Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric

Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel, Brushless Motor, 16-Inch width, 300lbs/Minute (Battery and Charger Included)

The Earthwise SN74016 is another effective battery-powered snow blower that is popular with budget- conscious users. Weighing in at just around 25 pounds, it is quite easy to handle and move around. It offers snow-clearing power that can easily heave away up to 8 inches of snow more than 30 feet away.

It has an easy push-button start and designed to work with rear wheels. The advanced design makes it easy to use on paved surfaces and it effectively turns around corners. It includes a 40V battery that powers the motor and will last around 30 to 45 minutes. If you have a big driveway, consider purchasing additional batteries or work in shifts.

Despite its small size, the Earthwise is quite powerful. This battery powered electric snow blower is packed with enough power to complete all your snow clearing needs with efficiency. It has a total clearance width of 16 inches and can tackle snow as deep as 8 inches. Tests show that you can clear up to 300 pounds of snow with it each minute with a throwing distance of 32 feet.



EGO 21-Inch Cordless 56-Volt Snowblower

EGO 21 in. Cordless 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Single Stage Electric Snow Blower - Battery and Charger Not Included

The EGO 21 inch is a wide machine that offers large snow clearing capacity. It weighs just over 25 pounds and packs two powerful 56V Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to run the motor.

The wide, 21-inch chamber means that you will need to make fewer passes on your driveway, so clearing up the snow will finish sooner. The chute is higher than normal snow blowers, and it will allow you to tackle up to 12-inch thick snow.

The brushless motor on this model is very efficient, and you can use it even for wet, heavy snow. Features include a handle-mounted lever that can be used to adjust the auger’s variable-speed. The machine is capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet away to get it well out of the way of your drive.


So What is the Best Cordless Snow Blower?

Well, I think you can’t go wrong with any of these cordless electric snow blowers.  They are all capable of clearing your driveway and walkways.  We personally think the Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower is the best electric cordless snow blower.  It is the best combination of value and performance. Get out there and get that snow cleaned up, without breaking the bank and without all the headaches of a gas snow blower.


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